Thank you for your testimony.

Today my nonmember roommate came to church with me. It was a beautiful meeting. It was testimony meeting, and there were so many wonderful testimonies. One was a missionary about to go home, he was in tears. One was a young woman who just read the Book of Mormon for the first time. One was a young man about to leave on his mission. All were in tears. I was in tears listening to their sweet, humble testaments of truth. It was beautiful.

Sunday school was on modern day prophets. It was exactly the kind of lesson you want on a Sunday when you are bringing someone investigating the gospel to church. They told a wonderful story about how one man explained modern day prophets. It went something along the lines of:

A man once told him there were no such thing as modern prophets. He said the heavens were closed and God only spoke to men in Bible times. The teacher asked, why? The student said, "I don't know, you tell me." The teacher told the man there were only three things he could think of that would keep God from talking to His children. The first was because God lost His power, He no longer had the ability to communicate. The student said, "No, he is God, his power is infinite and eternal. I know that isn't the reason." The teacher told him, then, it must be because God doesn't love us anymore. The student replied, "No, God loves all his children. He always will. His love is as eternal as the power I mentioned." So the teacher told him the only other thing he could think of was that we don't need God anymore; science and technology were advanced enough that we didn't need God's help any longer. The student got teary eyed and said, "Man has never needed God more than they do now, in this day and age and society we live in." The student then realized there must be a modern day prophet. We need help through these times.

The Lord does speak to a prophet today. I know it with all of my heart. The heavens are open, and He leads and guides the church through our modern day prophet, Thomas S. Monson. He is as much the prophet today as Moses, Lehi, and Joseph were in the days of old.

Relief Society was about families being sealed for eternity. Who doesn't want to spend eternity with their loved ones? My family are what I hold dearest to my heart, and I am sure many of us feel the same way. They taught about temple marriages. I think it touched my roommate, she has three children at home. I think the thought of eternity with them hit home with her.

When the meeting was over, I asked what she thought. She told me, "I know alot of christians. They say one thing, and do the other. They say they have faith in Christ, but they don't live in a way that shows it. Everyone here seems so real. I have never seen a grown man cry over his feelings for Christ. I know he knew it, you know? I feel like you guys really believe this, and that it is really real for you. I like that." We then talked a bit with the sisters. We got my roommate a Book of Mormon. She is really interested in the idea of having something so close to the Bible, but that's more, to read. I really hope and pray she reads it. I asked her to read Moroni 10:4-5 first. She did. We will see :) She is intrigued by the thought of knowing what comes after this life. I hope she takes the chance to learn more. Please pray for her. I know I will be.

I just wanted to share this wonderful experience. I like to think of my blog as some sort of minor form of a journal. :)

Oh, and today I signed up to go on splits with the sisters. I couldn't be more excited! And Elder Bednar is coming next weekend to talk to the YSA. I am counting down the days!

I hope people know the influence they have on those listening to them bare their testimonies. Sometimes people don't even realize the impact an example can have. So, next fast Sunday, bare your testimony. Someday it might be your investigating roommate, and you will be hoping someone stands up to bare theirs.

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Miss Marie said...

That's fantastic misty! Way to be a missionary and bring her to church... I know that I felt that way when I first attended church so i def. think she is on the way... Beautiful story. Thanks :)