There's no glory in the downhill.

This post really has nothing to do with that, although that is a fabulous point. In the Forest Service they always used to say that to us. When we were hiking for pt's (physical training), there were always those people who would be dying on the uphill. They would be lagging behind while everyone else had to wait for them. Everyone would be carrying their tools and helping them because they couldn't make it up the hill. Yet, on the downhill, they would kick it in to high gear. They would get way ahead of the group like they were the fastest or something. Annoying. The guys who were braver than me and spoke their mind would always shout at them, "there is no glory in the downhill!"

Really, there isn't in the Forest Service and there isn't in life. Furreal. Who gets any real credit for rocking the easiest parts of life? It's when we are struggling, when life is the hardest, when you have to push yourself to survive whatever is ahead of you that you earn glory. No glory in the downhill, lots of glory in the uphill. Remember that. I can't say I never went faster down the hills, but I can say I wasn't the one giving up on the uphill either. Think about that.

The reason I have this topic on my mind is because I have been making a point to go hiking after work. I only go maybe once a week, but I love it! It feels so good! And, it's gorgeous. I am in love with Flagstaff during times like these...
And when I get down the mountain I see this..
Amazing. I love the forest.

Also, I wanted to brag on my sister for a minute. She is my personal hair stylist, and is so patient with me, it's ridiculous. I have a very tender head, not to mention we both get irritable during the 3 1/2 hours it takes to color my hair. And, she rocks at her job. Anyway, my hair is kinda confused on what color it is, but I like it. It's very dark, but growing on me...
We were just going to do it the same as the last time, but I picked a little bit darker color. Turns out it made me more of a brunette than a blonde! Oh well. I color it every six weeks (sometimes less when I get restless). I'll be blonde again soon enough. As for now, I am doing the brunette thing.

I also wanted to say I am so excited because... one of my very best friends of all time asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding!! So excited. So excited for her and her hubby to be. So excited to be a part of it. Love you Crich!

Random thought, Midnight Milky Way are the best candy there is.

Another thing, I am almost 23. My sister once told me that if I weren't married by 23 I was officially old maid status. Well, unless I meet, date, and marry a man in the next 5 weeks, old maid status here I come. And proud of it!

Single girl swaggg.

Only 19 more days of tax season. Counting down.

One last thing... April General Conference. This weekend. Favorite weekend of the year. It's my favorite holiday. The springtime is the most amazing time of year, so many new and beautiful things coming about. The weather is finally coming around. Everything is wonderful. April is my favorite month. April Conference just sums up everything happy in life. Everyone tune in for a weekend of bliss!

That's it. This was random. Enjoy!

Ps. Watching 27 Dresses and they are singing Bennie and the Jets. Possibly one of my favorite movie moments ever! MMmmmMMmmm James Marsden.



One of my favorite songs is 'Enchanted' by Taylor Swift. I bring this up because some of the words just seemed appropriate for this post. If you push play it helps add to the effect :)

This week my nieces went to Disneyland for the first time. I didn't get to go with them, but thankfully my Aunt Rhonda (lovingly referred to as Nana Wanda) was there to send me pictures. I was in tears looking at them. I doubt they have this same effect on everyone, but they are so absolutely adorable I had to share.

I should prefix this by telling you that these nieces love princesses. When you ask Jaycee her name, she more often than not will tell you her name is Cinderella. She plays Princess wedding by the fireplace and pretends to marry Prince Charming while all dressed up and wearing a tiara. Sweet and beautiful Socorro willingly obliges and they stay in this little fairy tale fantasy world of imagination all day long. Oh to be a child.

Knowing this, you can image what a dream come true it was for them to go to Disneyland, see Cinderella's Castle, and meet the princesses. They got all dressed up to do so. They are so beautiful.
When little Jaycee was all dressed up, she went outside the castle and bowed to the people as they walked by just like any princess would. People clapped and cheered for her. Can you imagine how magical that was for a 3 year old? Brings a smile right to my face :)
My beautiful angel Socorro. Isn't she so pretty? And so sweet.

They are so different, and yet both so wonderful in their own ways. I couldn't imagine life without them. I'm not sure I love any two people in the world as much as them, or at least in the same way. Children have a way of stealing your heart.

The reason Taylor Swift seemed appropriate for this post is this photo. I can imagine that for these two babies, "it was enchanting to meet you", Cinderella...
That word just seems so appropriate.

Thank you Disney for making it possible for little girl's dreams to come true. Thank you for so perfectly perfecting magic.

Hope this makes you smile like the pictures did for me :)


Eat your veggies, and don't do drugs.

I've had an itch to write lately. The other night I found myself watching Marley & Me (and sobbing like a child) and was jealous of the man in it who wrote a column every day. I'm not sure I could produce something interesting to say every day, but I would enjoy it, furrrsure.

Anyway. Numero 3 on the list. My feelings on drugs and alcohol.

I think if you know me at all you probably know at least a piece of my feelings on drugs and alcohol.

Pretty much sums it up.

People make a lot of assumptions as to how LDS people feel about this subject. People make assumptions that we don't do it because we CAN'T, because we are FORCED to resist. They assume we are restricted. They assume we would do it if we could.

They assume we do not have the FREEDOM to live as the world lives, to participate in the world's greatest 'pleasures', to be accepted in social circles because we choose not to participate.

You know what they say about assumptions..

Not everyone does this, but many people do. So, since you likely already know that I stand very strongly against drugs and alcohol because of my beliefs, I would like to talk about why I would stand against them regardless of how my faith views them.

Earlier I mentioned the word freedom. People believe that freedom is the right to do whatever you want, whenever you choose. According to, freedom actually means:

'the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:
exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
the power to determine action without restraint.'

People think we have no freedom because we do not participate in Thirsty Thursday, the date 4/20 means nothing to us, and we wake up sober on Sunday mornings. According to the definition of freedom, we are the living word. Believing that fiending for the next fix, killing an innocent person because you were driving under the influence, and that waking up and remembering nothing from the night before defines freedom is simply incorrect.

Drugs and alcohol are a prison, not a release. People believe it can be done recreationally, for sport. They believe they can keep it in moderation. This is true, some people can. But regardless of whether they become and alcoholic or simply drink a glass of wine with dinner, they are still 'restricted' and 'under physical constraint' while under the influence; they are not in the appropriate state of mind to have 'power to determine action'.

Many people have very addictive personalities, it's often times hereditary. Those people, the ones who can't live without their addictions, are in more of a prison than I have ever been by choosing to say no to these harmful and addictive substances. Every choice they make is revolved around the addiction, they have little control over their own lives. It is ruined by the drugs and alcohol. Anyone who has had an alcoholic relative or seen or witnessed someone close to you suffer withdrawl symptoms can relate to what I am saying. There is no freedom in addiction.

So you tell me, who is the free one? Yes, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, part of my beliefs is to follow Christ through obeying the Word of Wisdom. But the Word of Wisdom is a beautiful principal set in place to keep us free. Free from additions. Free from regrets. Free from the prison that is drugs and alcohol.

My family has taken many live-in extended family members at times when they struggled with these addictions. I have watched as people have lost everything in life they loved to these substances. They lost their families, their jobs, their livelihood. Every bit of money was spent to find the next fix. Every effort made was to get the next high. A life lived this way is a life lost. We have so much opportunity in this life to grow and excel. None of that can be accomplished if we rely too heavily on unnatural and harmful substances. I know many of you have suffered with close family members who struggled with these things. To you, I am sorry. I know, I've been there. This is all the more reason to keep yourself and your children and families away from those things that destroy us from the inside out.

The Word of Wisdom is freedom, not constraint. Read more about it here, if you'd like.

Well folks, that is all. Don't do drugs.


Me plus 10.

I love blogging.

Have you ever seen the movie Life As We Know It? It's fantastic. It has Katherine Heigl (name spell?) and Josh Duhamel (delicious) in it; they raise this baby. It's pretty great actually, check it out.

Anywho, there is a scene in the beginning of the movie when they first meet. He is this hard core biker dude and she is this sweet little flower of a girl. They clearly have nothing in common. He is trying to get out of the date they are supposed to be on and starts making snide comments (there is a point to this story I swear). He starts trying to find things for her to do in exchange for the date and he says,

"You could blog. Do you blog? You look like you blog."

Clearly, insulting her. Made me feel about this <--> big (that's me holding my fingers close together to indicate smallness). Insulted me too. I am that girl, that girl who sits at home and blogs. Whatev.

I mostly just love to write. My dad told me I should write a book now that I graduated college. I think he was just trying to think of things to occupy my time.

...anyway, here it goes. Serious post numero dos, the second question of the list I posted last time (refer to below post so I don't have to re-upload the picture, please and thanks). The question is this:


Hi, job interview question. Yay for all the times I have answered you. This question always seems funny to me because people rarely answer it in full. They give it the, "I don't care where I am in life in ten years, as long as I am happy." Behold, I say unto you, "Oh my measly goal." (Yeah for the John Bytheway reference).

I mean, yeah, life will probably never turn out the way I have it planned, and I really hope I am happy in ten years, wherever that may be. But really? Talk about a cop-out answer. Make some goals people. I HATEEEEE when I feel like I am not working toward any kind of a goal. I am having serious college withdrawl right now because I don't feel like I have anything to work toward. So, make some goals (talking to myself), and don't settle (talking to anyone who answered the above question with the cop-out answer).
So, to answer the question in full. A few places I would like to be in ten years include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Still single, living on a yacht in the Carribean, with Jack Sparrow as a companion and an unlimted amount of Nutella nearby. Talk about livin' the good life.


Ok for real this time:

1. I would like to be working in a job I want in the career I want. I may not have advanced to my glory position by then, but I want to have gotten my feet wet in the Music Marketing Industry (I have been applying to jobs in this area lately, crossing fingers for an offer). I may not be working the Marketing for Madison Square Garden in NYC or monitoring Carrie Underwood's iTunes sales, I may even just be monitoring the advertising for the Gammage Theatre in Sweet ol' Tempe AZ, but it would still be in the industry I love, therefore I'd be winning. This dream may change, but it's a goal to work toward for now. I would also be happy working in a hospital administrative position, both are dream positions.
2. I would love to have a savings and some money built up. I don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck. I am not necessarily in that position now, but I would like to be more responsible with my money by then. I would like to use the schooling I had and apply it to preparing for my future (retirement funds, savings for my unborn children's college education, etc.). In ten years I will have both funds set up and well in the direction they should be.

3. I will be consistent with my genealogy and year supply. These are both commandments I utterly fail in. I will have a handle on them in ten years. (shout out to my girl Jacquie, we need to get on that pronto!).
4. I will have attended an Olympic Opening Ceremony. It's a bucket list item, and I want to do it as soon as money permits. It's been a life long dream, don't want to leave this world without having done so, so I best cross it off in the next ten years!

5. I will be a regular temple attendee. I hope to go once a month (kind of a measly goal). If I live close enough, I want to go at least twice per month.

6. I will be a home owner.

7. I will be a marathon runner.

8. I will have no debt save a home, car, and education expenses. I will not be in debt because of credit cards, unecessary items (boats, quads, etc.), and other such things.

9. I will be (at least a basic) guitar and piano player. Two of my love and passions, yet two things I have failed to master thus far. Now that I have no homework, all I have are excuses standing in my way. I best get on it! Ps. anyone who wants to teach me is more than welcome, just saying. P.p.s. in the 'husband search' area of my life, those two qualities are quite welcomed. P.p.p.s. there really is no 'husband search' area of my life. Husband can find me, I like single life too much for my own good.

10. I can't think of a 10th place I want to be. So sad. So, I will mention a goal instead. I will have read the quad (BOM, Old Testament, New Testament, D&C) all the way through. Sad I haven't yet, right? I have read the BOM multiple times, and most of D&C. I have gotten to Leviticus & Luke several times, but I always get caught up and never finish the Old and New Testaments. I have studied them both quite closely in institute, yet have not read them cover to cover myself. In ten years, I will have.

Who knows what else may happen. Maybe I will be married to a sweet husband with a few lovely kiddies and a white house with blue shutters and a porch that wraps all the way around. Maybe I will be single, living the good life, travelling the world and working for Katy Perry (bad choice, I would never work for her. I'll use the Carrie Underwood example again instead). That's where the "be happy with wherever I am" part comes in. I do hope to be happy at that stage of my life. But, life never turns out as we expect, so I make goals and plans now with the attitude, "come what may, and love it."

I hope we all take the time to write down our goals. Having something to work for gives our life purpose and meaning. Even if I stay working at West Christensen in Flagstaff for the rest of my life, I still may have some of those things in ten years. Goals are good. Self confidence, positivity, love for life. All come from working toward a goal. I challenge you, if you are a "I don't care where I am in ten years, as long as I am happy" kind of person, to set some goals. Work toward them. I heard a quote once from a good friend that went something along the lines of, "hard work doesn't garantee you anything, but without it you don't stand a chance." Having goals doesn't garantee you anythig, but without setting a few, you don't stand a chance (might be an extreme statement, but you get the point).

Yay for interview questions. Happy week.