One of my favorite songs is 'Enchanted' by Taylor Swift. I bring this up because some of the words just seemed appropriate for this post. If you push play it helps add to the effect :)

This week my nieces went to Disneyland for the first time. I didn't get to go with them, but thankfully my Aunt Rhonda (lovingly referred to as Nana Wanda) was there to send me pictures. I was in tears looking at them. I doubt they have this same effect on everyone, but they are so absolutely adorable I had to share.

I should prefix this by telling you that these nieces love princesses. When you ask Jaycee her name, she more often than not will tell you her name is Cinderella. She plays Princess wedding by the fireplace and pretends to marry Prince Charming while all dressed up and wearing a tiara. Sweet and beautiful Socorro willingly obliges and they stay in this little fairy tale fantasy world of imagination all day long. Oh to be a child.

Knowing this, you can image what a dream come true it was for them to go to Disneyland, see Cinderella's Castle, and meet the princesses. They got all dressed up to do so. They are so beautiful.
When little Jaycee was all dressed up, she went outside the castle and bowed to the people as they walked by just like any princess would. People clapped and cheered for her. Can you imagine how magical that was for a 3 year old? Brings a smile right to my face :)
My beautiful angel Socorro. Isn't she so pretty? And so sweet.

They are so different, and yet both so wonderful in their own ways. I couldn't imagine life without them. I'm not sure I love any two people in the world as much as them, or at least in the same way. Children have a way of stealing your heart.

The reason Taylor Swift seemed appropriate for this post is this photo. I can imagine that for these two babies, "it was enchanting to meet you", Cinderella...
That word just seems so appropriate.

Thank you Disney for making it possible for little girl's dreams to come true. Thank you for so perfectly perfecting magic.

Hope this makes you smile like the pictures did for me :)

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