Tell me.. are you a badfish too?

So here I am, sitting at starbucks. I'm wearing my Katniss combat boots (movie in less than a month- GET AT ME!), a grungy plaid shirt and my hair is a hot mess from a post run brush-thru. Miles Davis is playing over the radio and I'm feeling like a bonafide hipster. I'm even drinking cinamon hot chocolate, it's pretty exclusive. Jokes, people, jokes. But seriously I am.

Anyway, as I was considering the thoughts I wanted to put on here today, so many things ran through my mind. It started somewhere along the lines of "tell them all the things you shouldn't do on facebook (posting 'what people think' photos for starters- seriously those were old before they started)", then headed in the direction of, "tell them how bad you want to walk away from everything in your life and move to California to be a surfing/snowboarder chick and live carefree without a worry in the world," and then some how landed on a song lyric, "are you a badfish, too?" So there you have it. Tell me, ARE you a badfish too?

Now, before you answer, keep in mind that by definition a badfish is someone who introduces someone else to heroine for the first time. I think it's a pretty safe bet to say most of the people reading this don't fall under that category. I do, however, believe that song lyrics are to be left to the interpretation of the person listening to them. Let me explain a little further....

To me, the term 'badfish' can be used in a broader sense as someone who influences anyone to do anything. I also believe that, since I was listening to the song, I get to choose whether it's an influence for bad or good. I know 'bad' is assumed (for obvious reasons), but let's pretend for a second that my interpretation is that a badfish is anyone who influences someone else in any way, bad or good. I'll make it easy...

badfish = example

You can be both a good example and a not so good example. It's always up to the person watching you to decide whether or not they will be influeced by your example, but you're an example nonetheless. You can be an example of strength, truth, freedom, salvation (someone tell me you picked up on my Saturday's Warrior reference there? no? okayyy cool), misery, weakness, confidence, cockiness... basically everything you do and every time you react to a situation you are being an example.

This truth was reiterated to me so strongly today. There is a guy at work, my mentor. He is a fun guy with a kind heart. Single. Early thirties. Not religious. He asked me if I had seen a certain movie. I replied "no." The conversation carried on and he asked me about more and more movies, most of which I replied with a "no." He made a joking comment about how I must be sheltered because I hadn't seen them. I simple said, "I don't watch rated R movies."

He looked at me a second in disbelief and then proceeded to ask,
"no, never."
"why not?"
"well, I tend to think that most of the things you see in those movies are things I can live without. I already struggle enough with trying to make good choices, that's just one thing I can easily avoid to keep from being influenced."

He thought about that for a minute...
"You know, I see that point. People like to think that those thing don't influence them, but they really do. Your thoughts are cleaner and you're language is more appropriate when you don't watch those types of things."
"Absolutely!" I thought. Thank you, good sir, for getting it. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

He then asked about my religious beliefs and we got in to a pretty decent conversation about the gospel and my beliefs and such. I am a total dope and didn't think much about it until today. I walk in to work today and he yells across the cubicles, "I am going to go to your church with you sometime!"


High five to myself for being the most ignorant person ever. It is MY job to invite HIM. Why did I not even think to do that? Bless his heart for having the courage to not just ask, but TELL me he is attending church with me so he can learn more. What a slice of humble pie for me. Next time I will be more receptive and realize when I need to extend an invitation.  

Anyway, as we talked about it today, he told me it started with the movies. He realized that my church obviously supplied me with a strong belief system all the way down to the way the media influences me. Who knows where this will end up, but not matter what... this man was lead to an interest in the gospel from an example. My example.

Now, I am in no way tooting my own horn and praising myself and claiming to be holier than there. I have had so many struggles lately and I never thought I would be one to influence anyone for anything. I also want to add a disclaimer that I don't think people who watch rated R movies are bad. I think that if you choose to watch them then that is great, it's just different than me. I struggle more than a lot of people. It's easier for me to just avoid it all together. I won't judge you for watching them. I just don't.

Anyway, so there it is. I'm a badfish. An influence. This could have gone in an entirely different direction. I could have said I watched all those movies, and who knows what kind of influence that would have had on him once he found out I was a member of the church. I am not judging anyone and the way the influence others, I am simple saying... think about it. Think about the impact you have on the world around you. Are you doing your best to be a good example? Are you doing all you can to be an influence for good? How does the things you do impact the people in your life?

I want you evaluate your choices. I know I did today. Think about the things you say, the books you read, the music you listen to, the activities you participate it. No matter what they are, they are setting some type of example to someone. Make sure you are setting the example you want to stand up for. Make sure you are making yourself proud. Make sure you are who you want to be.

Think about it and tell me... are you a badfish too?

Ps. don't hate on the typos, I was writing fastttttt.


Ginger & Steve Bell said...

I love that story! Way to go Misty Mae.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I love that song a lot. and I do think its up to interpretation. That is awesome he decided to come without an invite :)

Hawja1 said...

Very well said!

Hawja1 said...

Very well said!