Snowboarding at Sunrise!

The Monday before Christmas we went to Sunrise to give Skippy a chance to ski once more before the mission. I am pretty sure he only went because I love it so much, which is so very sweet of him. The weather was miserable. The wind was insane and it was nearly impossible to even see! But we still made a fun day of it. Poor Skip's skis had a hard time in the powder, but I was loving it.
His eyelashes were frozen!

On the lift :)

The wind made it hard to capture a good picture but we tried.

I was all wrapped up but he was hard core!

Mustache Bash!!

This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to go to a Christmas party with my love Skippy and his brothers and friends. The men wore mustaches and the women wore throw back hairstyles. Everyone wore ugly sweaters. It was an amazing time! I was so very thankful for the opportunity to attend! Those guys are a blast!
We all took a picture when we first got there, Skippy rocked the old school laughing photo, I was just laughing at him.

Skippy and I won the Sonny and Cher best dressed couple award, we were so excited!

Skippy and his brother Bryan rockin out!

We looked ridiculous it was amazing!

He was going for the Christmas Vacation look and he nailed it! He also won Best Mustache for obvious reasons.



The last few weekends I have had the opportunity to spend more time with my babies and I am so excited about it. I just love these girls so very much. They are both so precious, they can light up any kind of day!

"Pretty Please?"

This is Jaycee's hairstyle after every bath.



Belly baby

Jammin out on Nana's piano!


Christmas Lights!

Here are a few pictures of a random night looking at the beautiful lights of the victorian house in Showlow. It was definitely random, we just kind of jumped out of the car and took some pictures but it was just so pretty we couldn't resist. I love Christmas lights!

I look like death but Skip looks cute. Haha I think he was trying to hide the creepy molester mustache, I think he needs to just embrace it! Haha

The wind and the lights and everything made this picture turn out a little funny but I kind of like it? Haha and it was freezing as you can tell by my forced smile cause I'm freezing face.


Shopping and a date! Always makes for a good weekend :)

This past weekend I spent some time with many different parts of my family, and went on a fun (as always) date with the Skipper. It was a great weekend. I certainly love spending time with all these folks. My cousin Devo and I spent a day shopping with my mom and Aunt Rhonda. We were at Michaels and Costco so you can imagine the fun we had! Haha we found ways to entertain ourselves though :) These pictures are all in a funny order because I am still slow so hopefully it doesn't get too confusing!
Devo and I found it fun to look at the ESPN 3D book at Costco. I think people around us found it fun to look at us.... We were pretty ridiculous!

Hahaha I love jumping pictures and although his mommy warned him not to jump on the bed he did it anyway, I think it made for a great photo yeah?

This was Breann's idea and I think she hit it perfect!

Haha we were attempting to resemble the sky divers in the back but I think we failed miserably!
For our date we went to the dollar store and found ten dollars worth of fun for eachother to play with (Skip and I found things for Sean and Lori and vice versa). They ended up picking things that meant Skippy and I switching roles, he being the girl and I the guy. It was hilarious to see him wearing a purse, and the sad part was... he was pretty good at it! Haha

Doesn't he look happy? Haha

We bought Sean and Lori side walk chalk, so we played with it at the school. This was Skippy and I's creation. He did all the artistic things you see. All I did was the flamingo. Haha.

It was freezing outside so we took some quick pictures and ran back to the car!

Ah :) I love him.

Who wouldn't want this? Haha what a goof.

Ok back to shopping at Costco. I found this HUGE bird book, so of course I had to take a picture with a flamingo!

Hahaha we were attempting to get an action shot of us playing frisbee with the "flying disk" at Target. I think it turned out pretty well considering I had to catch it right after snatching the shot.

Hahah i just couldn't believe this was an actual toy. Is that not funny? I am still laughing!

"You can take a picture of my buns any day!" Haha I am glad my Aunt Rhonda was willing to be in the photo, my mom kept running to the car like a girl because it was cold. Haha.

Hahaha gotta love Devo! We were cracking up at Michaels while coming up with ideas for the Christmas tree mom and Rhonda had to decorate. They decided to go with a Government Bailout Tree complete with GM vehicles and private jets. Devon is so clever. Haha he was cracking us up all day, as usual :)



So..... Perla and I made a random temple trip on Wednesday morning. We left at 6am... I was so tired! But it was a good experience as always. After we were done we went to Perla's and her mother so kindly made us lunch. It was wonderful as usual. As we were getting ready to head back to Flag her mom gave her this hat and told her its for wearing in Sedona haha... so we couldn't resist a picture with the most random hat and glasses ever. It was so funny!

On Thanksgiving day we had a fun time with the family in Heber. My aunt and uncle and grandparents came and it was so fun. Crazy how talking and eating can produce some of the best times and happiest memories :)
He actually smiled! Miracle!
She didn't. She'll probably hate me for this.
"Can you act like we are married for one second?" Haha he doesn't like pictures.
While we were taking pictures my grandma said, "Take one of Grandpa in the tree!" We all died laughing, he surely was not in a tree! I don't know how she mixed a tree and this nice blue chair.
Grandma kept talking so we had to take this picture about 20 times.
Tyler hates taking pictures with us!
We were having picture fun!
Harvery girls! (We are missing Nikki and Kymi- sorry girls! We missed you!)
We randomly were wearing the exact same outfit. It surely wasn't planned!



I love the Holidays!

So I am new to this whole thing, you'll have to forgive me until I can get used to it! Life's good. Finals are coming up in two weeks and I am terrrrrified! Haha not so much, but I am not looking forward to them. Right now I am just excited about Thanksgiving and looking forward to the snow (if it ever comes!) I have been crazy busy doing projects and papers and planning ward activities. We just had a Thanksgiving dinner that turned out wonderfully thanks to all the wonderful help! Things with the family are going great. My mom is finally getting the hang out the store and Don is finally fitting into a routine of driving back and forth. Kymber and Tyler probably don't appreciate all the travelling but they will get used to it. We are planning on an amazing Utah trip once again and I cant wait! Happy happy joy joy I love this time of year!

I was lucky enough to get a visit from Brooke recently, I love this girl!

And it snowed finally in Flag! We have been waiting so long! Hopefully it comes again soon!

Here are some sweet shirts we made on a recent date with my boyfriend/bestfriend Skippy!

We had a random fun day of ice skating recently! We were the only ones there, so fun!

Perla and i had fun with Kurt at the ward Thanksgiving dinner. It was a fun night but I am glad the stress is over!