Shopping and a date! Always makes for a good weekend :)

This past weekend I spent some time with many different parts of my family, and went on a fun (as always) date with the Skipper. It was a great weekend. I certainly love spending time with all these folks. My cousin Devo and I spent a day shopping with my mom and Aunt Rhonda. We were at Michaels and Costco so you can imagine the fun we had! Haha we found ways to entertain ourselves though :) These pictures are all in a funny order because I am still slow so hopefully it doesn't get too confusing!
Devo and I found it fun to look at the ESPN 3D book at Costco. I think people around us found it fun to look at us.... We were pretty ridiculous!

Hahaha I love jumping pictures and although his mommy warned him not to jump on the bed he did it anyway, I think it made for a great photo yeah?

This was Breann's idea and I think she hit it perfect!

Haha we were attempting to resemble the sky divers in the back but I think we failed miserably!
For our date we went to the dollar store and found ten dollars worth of fun for eachother to play with (Skip and I found things for Sean and Lori and vice versa). They ended up picking things that meant Skippy and I switching roles, he being the girl and I the guy. It was hilarious to see him wearing a purse, and the sad part was... he was pretty good at it! Haha

Doesn't he look happy? Haha

We bought Sean and Lori side walk chalk, so we played with it at the school. This was Skippy and I's creation. He did all the artistic things you see. All I did was the flamingo. Haha.

It was freezing outside so we took some quick pictures and ran back to the car!

Ah :) I love him.

Who wouldn't want this? Haha what a goof.

Ok back to shopping at Costco. I found this HUGE bird book, so of course I had to take a picture with a flamingo!

Hahaha we were attempting to get an action shot of us playing frisbee with the "flying disk" at Target. I think it turned out pretty well considering I had to catch it right after snatching the shot.

Hahah i just couldn't believe this was an actual toy. Is that not funny? I am still laughing!

"You can take a picture of my buns any day!" Haha I am glad my Aunt Rhonda was willing to be in the photo, my mom kept running to the car like a girl because it was cold. Haha.

Hahaha gotta love Devo! We were cracking up at Michaels while coming up with ideas for the Christmas tree mom and Rhonda had to decorate. They decided to go with a Government Bailout Tree complete with GM vehicles and private jets. Devon is so clever. Haha he was cracking us up all day, as usual :)

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