Warning: this IS a happy post.

Ok so I promised to post something a little more happy and a little less cynical today! So here I am, thinking only happy thoughts... Like Peter Pan! All I need is pixie dust and maybe I can fly away to Neverland (remember I'm on medication, don't judge my strangeness!!).

1. It's Spring Break! And although I have spent it sitting around doing nothing... I got a whole week to sit around and do nothing! It's been nice to not have to worry about homework, papers, quizzes, due dates.... anything school related.
2. It's Spring Break which means that over half of the semester is over! Which means in a few short weeks it is SUMMER TIME!!! Which for me means fire season, but also means lots of money and time with my family and friends... WOOT!
3. It's my last Spring Break... in one way that is sad but in another way it ROCKS because in a year from now I will be a college grad :)
4. I checked one of my "Things to do in 2010" things off my list by completing Ragnar! Now on to the next... Imogene in September. If anyone would like to join me in training let me know! It's going to rock!
5. We finally set a date for Disneyland! April 22nd-25th... it's going to be the best weekend EVER! What is better than Disneyland for free?!
6. One of my favorite friends from Florida is allowing me to come visit him in Pittsburg sometime this year! We're going to go to baseball games, the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.... all kinds of fun stuff! I haven't set the exact date yet but I can't wait! It is one of my cities on my "Cities to see" list!!
7. General Conference is in a few weeks. April General Conference is my favorite weekend of the entire year!! I love it! I really want to try to make it to Utah to see it live, let's hope I can!
8. Lonliness is a state of mind... Someday I'll have that someone always here to hold me, but until then I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends around to help me out all the time. A special thank you to my cousin Dodee for being with me and taking care of me this week!
9. The weather is getting warmer which means tanning, hiking, running... so much fun in the great outdoors!!
Speaking of which, I bought the cutest swimsuit from a company I heard about through one of my favorite girls, Jackie! Her aunt owns the company, you should all check it out! The website is Hapari <---click here to check it out! Here is the one I have...

 I simply love it :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and remember to think happy thoughts! Happiness is a state of mind, you can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable... so I choose to be happy :)

Misty Mae

Warning: this is not a happy post.

I think some of the major side effects of my medication is depression. I have felt angry and cynical all day! It's frustrating. I thought I would share some of the things bothering me....

1. My face is falling off. The swelling of my cheeks is causing my skin to peel off and it hurts.
2. I feel super sick to my stomache. I have been throwing up all day. Sorry, I know that's just nasty.
3. Neither of my teams made it in to the NCAA tourny... so sad. Come on UNC and UofM. I'm not even excited for March Madness anymore.
4. I am so lonely. Being at home alone all day is just nearly torture.
5. I want to see the sun. I miss it's bright warming rays of happiness.
6. I hate Spring Break right now. Tomorrow is Friday, already. So sad. So so sad. It's been wasted in misery on my couch.
7. Heartache is the worst thing there is. Making decisions just because it's the right thing to do can be the hardest decisions in life.
8. I just want somebody to hold me.

Ok sorry, I'm done whining. I am telling you, it's the meds. They have me thinking just miserable thoughts. I'll post something happier tomorrow.

Misty Mae


Study Break

I like glitter and sparkly dresses...
I'm just a girl with a dream that got the best of me.

Tha party don't start 'till I walk in.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Today was a fairytale.

Best friends means friends forever.

Rome if you want to.

When you look back on times we've had, I hope you're proud.

We are family.

Here and now is all that matters.

You are my sunshine.

You are the music in me.

I want you to know that I miss you.
You'll be in my heart.
You've got a friend in me.
You make me feel so young.
Don't want to back seat, got to be first.
Defying gravity, and you can't bring me down.
Why not take a crazy chance?
Which road I travel is a mystery to me.

....this was a fun game of "my life in music quotes". I made it up. You should play, it's a great way to break from your studies, or whatever may be stressing you out. It is fun to live in the past, that's where most of our memories live :)

Happy Monday!


Follow your heart, kid.

Well friends, I thought it might be time to update on events happening lately.

There has been so much! I'll start with the lovely Relief Society event we had just before Valentine's Day. We made Chocolove boxes, they were so fun and cute!
It was my roommate Bridgette's lovely idea. She got a cupcake book for her birthday, and thought these little mini cupcakes would be a fun idea. She was right! Everyone loved it!

Next came Valentine's Day. I spent the day with my family, in Winslow! I was working with my mom on flower arrangments, fun!

And.... our best friends, Tyson and John, left the sweetest surprise on our doorstep!

And, Kymber and I played our favorite game, Super Model Documentary Hour! Have you ever seen Superstar??
Well, we love to play that game when we are SUPER bored...

Also, I got to see my beautiful baby girls! Oh how I love them!

Both of them are Little Miss Attitude in the cutest way!

I went to an institute dance and drug Kymi and Dodee along, they always love it when I do that!

And by love I mean HATE.

Such a poor sport.

Kymi was a little better!

We dressed up a little crazy, but it was fun!

Next we had a fun night of SODA Pong and Rock Band, I sure do love my friends, never a dull moment!
This is stacey, it was her birthday! I lub her.

Admit it, this picture is SWEET!

Ok next comes... my Ragnar Relay! I have a little quote that describes Ragnar...

"Ragnar: it's all fun and games until it's your turn to run."

Te he he. Don't let me fool you, I had a blast! So as you know, we were running for Mccoy and Desmond. Desmond has lieukemia and Chrones, and Mccoy has Chrones as well. They have the most amazing mother and family who work so hard to show all the love and support they possible can during this time. We wanted to win for Dez, we wanted to bring home the gold for them!

Due to some very sad and unfortunate events, the race didn't turn out the way anyone expected. A young man from the race was involved in a tragic accident that changed the entire pace of the run. My prayers are with the family of the boy. My heart goes out to them.

The most important thing was that we ran with all we had. Every one of us pushed ourselves to the max. We gave it everything we had for Coy and Dez. I know that every step we took was for them. There were times when it seemed we couldn't continue on, and yet we finished because we knew that they would have the strength to keep going if it were them. One woman on our team has a terrible condition that causes her foot to ache in pain with every step, she was in tears, and yet she continued on. It was amazing. We joined together as a team and helped her finish her leg. The entire thing was such a team effort, it was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. I would be honored to join these women again in another race.

These are the amazing kiddies we did this all for. The photos were so inspiring.

The night runs are kind of intense!

This was my post-Ragnar-Olympic-bite-your-medal-photo. I was way too proud of that thing.

Other than that, life has just been school! I have been faced with some major and interesting decisions lately that greatly effect my future and plans I have been making for about two years now. Things have been hard, but I am realizing prayer, family and friends can help in so many ways. I was watching the Sandlot the other night and it gave me some of the best advice I have heard so far.
I hope we can all remember this when we are faced with any decision. Following my heart was about all I can do lately. No matter what, in the end I am the only one who can make choices, and I am the one who deals with the consequences. This really is a blessing. Sometimes I don't love agency, I wish someone would just tell me what to do. But I am realizing more than ever that it is so wonderful to get to choose.
My choices have made me happier than I have been in a long time. I learned to follow my heart, stand up for what I know is right, and don't look back. Standing up for yourself can be one of the most important things you ever do. It may seem hard at the time, but don't let it get you down. After the rain...
And... after I made all these decisions I...
*Painted my toenails*
*Plucked my eyebrows*
*Shaved my legs*
*Put on my high heels*
*Grabbed my glasses*
*Walked out the door*
*Hit this city*

....more or less acted like a girl  for the first time in a while. And I rather enjoyed it if I do say so.

Happy weekend!

Misty Mae

Wanna know a secret?

Who has two thumbs and a big fattie school girl crush on a 15 year old named Justin Bieber?

Thanks to my roommate who made me watch EVERY SINGLE MUSIC VIDEO he has made. Adorable. Shhhhh don't tell anyone.


Just a taste of comfort...

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
These last few days have been a bit overwhelming. I have felt an intense amount of  different emotions. I was sitting down at the kitchen table today to drink some delicious Simply Orange Orange Juice (lots of pulp!) and the Ensign was sitting in front of me. I opened up to a random page to find this scripture, and I knew everything was going to be ok.


Then I remembered that no matter what, if I changed my attitude, life can be good today.