Why so serious?

I need to start writing about serious things. I make a lot of sarcastic comments and I joke a lot in my writing... I need to write about things that matter. Politics, religion, etc. These things, however, usually cause conflict (much like the justin bieber topic I recently brought up). So, I stole/borrowed this list from Rasha (find her blog And This is What She Said, she is a talented writer, pay the site a visit). It asks alot about me, which is a good way to avoid controversy, ha. So, although it won't be 30 days in a row, lets see if I can handle tackling 30 different topics.

Topic one. Discuss how single life is.

Which version, the one I claim or the truth? Being single is like... sticking needles in my eye. I hate needles, and I hate eyeballs. You can imagine what that says for single life.

Oh, wait, I said no sarcasm.. I might fail at this.

Single life is a wonderful time. I learn things about myself I never could have found had I been in a relationship. Likewise, people learn things in a relationship they could have never learned had they been single. The point I am getting at is that your relationship status should not define you. Whether you have found someone who makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time, or you are still in search of that someone, you should be happy in either state. Each status has its advantages, the important thing is to remember your blessings according to whichever situation you are in.

BUT... since the question was about how I am handling single life.. My love life has been pretty ridiculous the last few years. I was absolutely in love two years ago. I was ready to marry. But, as it always does, life happened. Since then, time after time I have been let down by what I thought were very solid relationships. I have not dated anyone seriously, but I have been hurt by people both intentionally and unintentionally. People who I thought were friends have broken my heart. People I thought would never hurt me let me down. People who I have trusted have deceived me.

I do my best to be understanding of circumstances, but it still hurts. Because of this, I feel very guarded. I feel damaged, and want to avoid any more of these painful feelings I have had in the past year or so. I choose to avoid the chance of being hurt again. I know this is no place to be, it is pretty weak really. Each day, however, I get a little bit stronger. Improvement, no matter how small or insignificant, is really all we can ask for right?

I have a very distinct idea of relationships in my mind, and it's no help. I have this fairytale type of love idea in my mind that I can't shake, and it- in turn- makes me very picky. I don't mean I am looking for the perfect guy who pulls out all the stops, but in a way I am. I think I deserve to find what I am looking for. I will not get married to the first guy who will have me because marriage is what is expected of people my age. I will just be patient.

Also, I have a very skewed idea of dating. Most people view dating as a way to get to know somebody. Others think of it as a free meal. I think of it as a waste of time if you know you would never marry the person. That is a fault that usually leaves me to be alone on Saturday nights. I try to be more open minded, I am working on it. You marry the people you date, though, so my idea can't be completely crazy. But I also know it is difficult to get to know somebody without spending time with them; without that, how would I know they were someone I would never marry? It's a vicious cycle. I wish I knew how to date for fun.

I also think I put off a ridiculous image that I am not interested in guys I am very interested in. I find it easy to flirt with guys I am not interested in because I am not worried about saying the wrong thing. Guys I am interested in, however, I find difficult. I struggle with giving them attention because I worry about messing it up (which in turn messes it up anyway because then they think I am in to the guys I am flirting with, it's another vicious cycle).

So, there you have it. A way too detailed and long insite in to my view of single life. The bottom line is that being single allows me to spend time with my family. I get to practice and attempt to perfect my talents. I get to travel to places I would have never seen otherwise. It's all about embracing the situation you have been given, and enjoying the journey. That is what defines happiness in a relationship status, even if that status is defined by what we lack (i.e. single).

*cough "I can't go out, I'm sick"

Oh, my bad. Not actually sick, just caught a little fever (but I know you know that movie right?).
Read these quotes:

"we underestimated the power of the bieb's... he's clearly like a minigod"
- Glee
(DISCLAIMER: I despise Glee, I am only watching it because they are singing Justin Bieber this week, and after watching Never Say Never, I am kind of in love with the kid.)

"I love Bruno, he would take a grenade for me."
-Aunt Rhonda
(When Kymber was making fun of the Bruno Mars song, Grenade.)

"There is a fine line between cougar and creeper."
(When she was talking about her would-be crush on Justin Bieber.)

...I just needed a place to put those quotes, aren't I surrounded by funny people? You think I'd be funnier because I am their offspring.. and yet somehow...not. It's probably a product of my lameness. It's a true equation, like,

making crafts + listening to justin bieber + eating a bag of dove chocolates = impossible to be funny

Oh well, can't change the scientific fact.

I want to talk a minute about obsessions. I have the most obsessive personality, it's ridiculous. It's a good thing I am not a drinker and gambler because I would be a broke alcoholic. I get on a kick of something and just can't let it go, it's a little wierd. I start to like something and I can't get enough of it, all of my focus revolves around it, it's unhealthy.

The reason I bring this up is because I recently started to like justin bieber (it's not illegal, the cougar rule says 1/2 my age plus five... which equals 16, so its perfectly ok). Ever since then, I have gone a little crazy. I am determined we were meant to be, like,

"Misty, why aren't you married?"
"Oh I probably won't be married for two years or so."
"You have a missionary?"
"Oh no, that's just when Justin Bieber turns 18."


I mean, it makes sense though... I am from Heber, it rhymes with Bieber. Purple is my favorite color, he wears purple shoes. Usher is his mentor, which rhymes with Gusher- that happens to be my favorite fruit snack. It's fate.

I'll probably be embarassed I wrote all of this as soon as I post it, but whatevs, I am embracing the Bieber Fever. I dare you to watch Never Say Never and not have some respect for the kid.


long live toontown

(press play on the video to get the full effect of the song with the post)

Have you ever felt at home at place that wasn't home?

Have you ever felt part of a family with people who weren't actually related to you at all?

Have you ever been so touched by a place that is becomes a small part of your soul?

Here is a place where friends become family.
Here is a place where memories are made.
Here is a place where good friends become best friends.
 Here is a place where magic happens.
Here is a place where hearts are tied and love is shared.
Here is a place where friendships are bonded across continents.
 Here is a place where dreams become a reality.
 Here is a place where you can be a five second celebrity.
 Here is a place where tears are shed out of love, not sadness.
 "Take a moment, promise me this. That you'll stand by me forever, but if fate should step in and force us into a goodbye, if you have children someday, when they point to the pictures please tell them my name."
 "how the Kingdom lights shines just for me and you"
 "all the magic we made"

Here is a place where...
Lamar dresses in Belle wigs and sings for all the world to hear.
Misty & Kelsey dance around singing HSM3 at the top of their lungs like it's nobody's business.
Dreams are made reality backstage during the fireworks on New Years Eve.
Zack hops fences to pull apart fighting guests.
Little girls stop the world from spinning while singing "A Whole New World."
Debbie says Toontastic about everything that happens.
Misty's face is plastered on the walls of the tunnels.
Alberto becomes a pirate and (probably scares) makes little kids laugh during the Halloween parties.
Stacey dresses like Mother Goose and reads children's stories during Christmas parties.
Moraiba says, "we need to focus" and everyone dies laughing because it sounded like she said something else ;)
Javier asks if Spiderman will now be appearing in the Magic Kingdom.
"Caution: you are now approaching the unloading area, please slow down, and do not strike the car ahead..."
Taking strollers to the hub becomes more of an adventure than a chore.
Driving the pargo to the tunnels is the highlight of a day.
You do the cha cha slide and the macarena every day... then miss it when you leave.

RIP Toontown. You were, are, and always will be home to me. You are a part of my heart. Nothing can ever replace you. Toonies, you know who you are, I love you, always and forever. You hold a special place in my heart. Once a Toonie, always a Toonie. Now go out there and show the rest of MK how real work gets done.
"For a moment a band of theives in ripped up jeans got to rule the world"