To do: 2010

They say the way you spend New Year's Eve is the same way you will spend the rest of the year.

I heard it on the OC, so who knows if they (I have always wondered who "they" is, but that is a question for another time) really say that, or if it was just on the show. But it is a good point. I'll be working from 4pm until 3:15am. So apparently my New Year is going to consist of work and wishing I were with Skip. Sounds about right!

What are my resolutions? Funny you should ask. I wrote them down, and I have them here to share if you'd like. Oh you would? Goodie, sit tight and pay attention.

First of all, I don't make resolutions, nobody ever follows through with them. But I do make lists. I write down things I want to accomplish in the year. Here is what I've got:

1. Read the Bible. Not just parts of it, or verses, but read it. Cover to cover. Front to back. I have read the Book of Mormon, it is amazing. I have read much of the Bible, but not word for word. Old Testament, New Testament. I heard it's gonna be hard. Bring it on.

2. Run a marathon. Wow.

3. Graduate college. Big one there. But I only have ten classes, two more semesters. B.S.B.A here I come.

4. Temple trip once per month.

5. Send a card, just because, to one random person once per month. I love sending cards, that one was for fun.

6. Get a calling. In the church. I had one, but have moved around alot this year. I want one againnn.

7. Be more confident. That one is hard, I'll have to work at it every day.

8. Hike Humphreys, the mountain in Flag. It's a Flag thing, everyone's gotta do it.

9. Travel somewhere I've never been. That is a goal every year. This year I hope to see Boston.

10. Learn to love my body. Sometimes I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I love and appreciate having my body, and all it's capabilities. But I need to learn to not judge myself each time I look in the mirror. Stop comparing myself to others. It's embarrassing to admit, but it's the truth.

So there you have it. Ten things on my "to do: 2010" list.

What's on your list? Or, if you make resolutions, what are they??

Ps. Make your new year's eve one to remember. I will be working, but I'll be at Disneyworld, I will definitely remember that :)


A tribute to '09

I never really thought '09 was a great year. Then I watched this video, it made me feel a little nostalgic.

Come to think of it, '09 was a pretty great year. I accomplished my BizBlock graduation, went to San Fransicso, saw Phantom of the Opera (twice!), moved to Disneyworld.... lots of good things going on this year! Facebook made me a nice little memory board. I thought I would share it...

I hope everyone had a memorable '09! I am really looking forward to 2010. I have a lot of great things ahead of me, including a college graduation! Let's hope we all have a wonderful and magical 2010!! I'll get back to you on the whole resolution thing, I'm make my list as I type... well mentally making it... once I write it down I'll be sure to fill you in. I can imagine you are overjoyed with anticipation!


Once upon a December

You remember that song? I think it's from the movie Anastasia. I never really loved that movie too much but I remember that song from it. It's lyrics (I looked 'em up):

Far away, long ago
things I yern to remember
and a song someone sings
Once upon a December
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December

That's only a small part, but it's the part I can relate to. December... this month marks a big milestone in my life. Nothing life changing or anything, just something note worthy. What's that you ask? Does it have to do with the mish? Well how did you know? It couldn't possibly be because he is the only thing I blog about these days. Anyway, moving on. This month marks one year. One year since I saw the man. One year since I have been kissed. One year since I have been held.

One year since I have felt whole.

One year since the man of my heart headed east to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. One year down, one to go. Half way there. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

On another note, guess who sent me the cutest Christmas gift ever. You guessed it! Man you are good. I got a package the other day from North Carolina. It was filled with a blanket, a UNC sweat shirt (new favorite), a beautiful picture of Christ, and the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He bought a puzzle of a map. A map of the United States. The map had a star on Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina. On the back was a note. It said "this puzzle is symbolic, wherever we are in the world- we are incomplete without eachother- just like a puzzle- all the pieces are connected." So cute! He said "that is the advantage of stealing my heart, now it is always with you." Can you say hopeless romantic? Can you say me being totally smitten? I won't say I'm in love, but basically I am in love.

Buying for a missionary is hard, but I managed to think of something I thought he would like. It also was my latest crafting experience. YAY FOR CRAFTING!

So I went to Joann's. They had some amazing UNC Tarheel material there for a fleece blanket. It was SUCH an easy project. The hardest part was the fact that I definitely tied the entire thing inside out. I had to UNTIE and RETIE the entire thing. My fingers were bleeding. It was brutal. Here are some pictures of the final product---

How about that for a sexy picture.

I hope he liked it. It is hard to buy for people who need nothing and can't have anything.

Okkkkk so the rest of Christmas Day was pretty uneventful. I spent the moring on Skype with the fam. It was almost like being there on Christmas morning, thank goodness for technology!

My babies, they were showing me what they got.

The we are, Skype- you are my new best friend. Forget everything I said about best friends before,  it's all you now.

In the middle of the day, my girl Stacey and I attemped to be productive and do something fun. We went to Magic Kingdom, but it was pouring rain,  so we went to the mall. It was closed (duh.). So we went for food. Everything was closed (duh.). So we went to Burger King- the only thing open- and then went to the lovely Colleen's house to hang out. It was sooooo fun, even if all we did was talk about life and quote the office... oh and make fun the lady in the refrigorator commercials.

So that was my Christmas. I finished it off with a few episodes of the OC. Man I love that show, mostly I just love Seth Cohen. OH! And I tried this drink Skip is obsessed with! It is called Cheerwine, it is AMAZING! I was instantly addicted. It is like Dr. Pepper, but better :)

Try it. You will like it.

I got a new baby PC for Christmas from the parentals. Thanks mommy. Sorry, but I have the best mom ever.  Here he is in all his glory...

Sorry he is sideways, I was too lazy to turn the picture. I have never had a "he" thing before. I am a little weirdo, I name all of the things I love the most. My car- she is Mrs. Darcy. My snowboard- Kelly. My old computer- she is Holly. My old iPod- well I can't remember her name. Anyway, you see where this is going. I name my stuff, and it's all girls. Well I am turning over a new leaf. My computer is a boy. His name is Zachary. I liked the idea so much, I named my new iPod Jake. All these names are significant somehow, in case you were wondering. Usually they just reflect someone I love or want to be like. Anyway, with Zachary and I it was love at first sight.

The only other note worthy thing about my week was graduating from my college program. WOOT WOOT. Best/worst experience of my life. But don't you fret, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

This week should be interesting. I work until 2:15 and 3:15 am allllll week. Thanks everyone who celebrates New Years at Magic Kingdom, you are throwing off my sleep schedule. It should be interesting and OHHHHHH SOOOOO BUSSYYYY. I can hande it, I think.

Remember Christ is the reason for the Christmas season, but also remember you can feel His love, and the spirit He brings, all year long. Let Him in.

Love you, Merry Christmas. Let me know how yours went!

F.Y.E. for your entertainment

Can you please just watch and enjoy the adorableness of a little child for a moment? Seriously what a cute kid. I want a talented little asian baby.

Love letter.

Dear blog:

I know I have been neglecting you. It's not personal. My computer is dying, slowly and painfully dying. It makes it very hard for me to spend the time with you I would like. But there is hope. I believe a lovely Christmas gift is in the mail, and rumor has it- it's a new baby pc for me :) I simply can't wait. Once the newby arrives, I promise I will spend much more time with you. I'll be seeing you.

'till we meet again-
Misty Mae

A November to remember.

Ok so here is one long over due post! So much has happened, I am becoming such a lazy blogger. Ugh. Well... where to start? We'll start with the fact that I am watching the Notebook right now. This movie makes me feel like one emotional little sappy love sap. Favorite line: "So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day...." Awwwww. Love isn't easy. If it was easy it wouldn't be worth it. Right now my love isn't easy. I have been having a really hard time with it lately. Not the being in love part, that part does come easy. But the surviving without my love, that part is killing me. I have been feeling very alone. One hand written letter every three weeks makes it so incredibly hard to maintain a relationship. I know he is where he needs to me. I know this is what he needs to be doing, but man is it hard. I have to work at it every day. But I want to do that because I want to be with him. I am also re-reading New Moon. I feel like I can relate to it so much at this point in my two years. I seriously understand the comparison of feeling as if someone punched a hole through my chest, and if I don't hold myself together I will simply fall apart. I have to make a constant effort to not fall to pieces. Sounds pathetic right? Well it is. But that's ok. I know it will be worth it. I can honestly say I love him more everyday. This really is making us stronger, I know it. On a happy note, the end of this month marks a year. Are you kidding?? Where did the year go?! Maybe it really does fly by. Or maybe the time I spend without him isn't really worth remembering, so it just seems like time with him wasn't too long ago. Either way, I can remember thinking, at this time in two years, I will be counting days instead of years. Well, after this month I will be counting months instead of years, so at least that is one step closer. I honestly tip my hat to every girl who has survived this before me. You truely are stronger than you know!

Ok so moving on... Whitney and Ashley coming for a visit. It was basically awesome!! I love those girls. We had a blast! We went to all the parks, watched Fantasmic, saw La Nouba, went to a Christmas party... we did it all! Amazing how we can fit so much in to such a short amount of time.

I think they loved parts of Hollywood Studios. Tower of Terror. Rock-n-rollar coaster. They loved them! Oh, and Fantasmic, always great :)

Animal Kingdom! It's alot like a glorified zoo. I think they liked the animals. My favorite part was Expedition Everest! That ride rocks. Haha.

Te he he... we rode Splash Mountain like 500 times... without getting off! Hahaha Whit was so mad. Ash and I just kept asking the guy to let us keep going because there was nobody in line. That song..." Howdya do? Deedeleedadeedo." On repeat over and over and over. Hahaha it was madness.

And say hello to my boyfriend.

The Christmas Party was magical... but mostly we used the time to ride Space Mountain and Thounder Mountain over and over and over... and over again.

We went to my favorite place on Disney property, Boardwalk!

And had lots of fun at Epcot!

We met princesses,

and ate lots of yummy food!

We had a magic button! This was soooo cool! Some random worker guy at Hard Rock gave us a backstage tour! Ok so we had a birthday button for Ashley, but she didn't want to wear it, she was embarrassed. So I wore it instead. After that, great things happened to us! This was one. We went to the room where the rock stars hang out after the show. We went in to this room, the John Lennon room!!! That picture you see was one from a peace rally that the Beatles actually used. The Beatles are my FAVORITE band!!! I was seriously in heaven. We saw so much amazing Beatles merchandise, and a few awesome other things like this chair of Gwen Stephanie's...

Basically it was the coolest and luckiest thing ever! Thank you magic button!

Thanks girls for the best weekend at Disney ever!!!

Now, on to the next best weekend.... my visit home. Ohhhh man was it needed. I was right at the point in my college program where I was happy I did it, but I am ready for it to be over. I worked Thanksgiving and probably will for Christmas, and I miss my family terribly!! We had so much fun. Lacy, Kymi and my mommy picked me up from the airport. We shopped and ate and did lots of catching up! The next day we were in Heber so we had some delicioso mexican food with my little bro. It was great! Then I spent a whole day in Winslow with my favorite girls!!!

The rest of the weekend we spent shopping and CHRISTMAS TREE CUTTING! It was so beautiful to be back in my favorite pine trees on my favorite rim. Oh I love the forest!

Love it :) Ps. that is my dad's jacket, probably why it looks so huge! I love my family!

Aren't they cute? I think so. Getting back on that plane to come back to Orlando was one of the hardest things I've done in a while!!

Another note worthy night was the CP formal! It was a blast! We got all dressed up and spent the night dancing and singing like a bunch of high school kids. I loved it!

Our red carpet night! The best part was that Mickey was there :)

It was a great way to end the program, with my very first Mickey picture!

I also earned a Mouseters Degree in Marketing, isn't that exciting?

I thought so.

OH AND....

Whit bought me a Snuggie hahahahaaha. She knows I HATE them. I have always thought they were ridiculous, so she thought it would be funny to get me one. Ohhhhhh geez. I am embarrassed to own one, but I love Whit for sending me laughter. Hahaha.

She also sent me this, isn't she sweet? I sure love her.

Ok and last but not least.... today I went to Apollo Beach. I saw this:

Breathtaking, right? I know, I loved it.

So life is good. I miss my family, I am ready to go home, and I miss my boy. But life is good. Smile, be happy. Everything is gonna be alright, be strong, believe. Peace!