A thought on freedom..

I want to start out with giving a shout out to my lovely dears, Colleen and Courtney. These girls are from my college program and I love them dearly! I skyped with them for about 3 hours today, it was so fun to just chat and play catch up with them! They are both amazing, and still working for Disney! I miss my Disney dream world daily. Love you girls!

Leen is the other blondie in the picture next to me, isn't she gorgeous?! Katy, Ashley, and Stacey are the other beauties, I love and miss all of you girls every day!

And my dear beautiful Courtney... she so purrrty! Love you Court!
This I just had to add because I love photo booth and thought it was fun :)

.... I want to talk about freedom. There are so many different types of freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to speak, freedom to go where you want to go and do what you want to do, freedom to give, freedom to love. Freedom to be whatever you want to be. Yes, Leen, this thought was inspired by you.

Tonight on my skype date, Leen and I got to talking about what I was going to do after I graduate (can you tell that has been on my mind alot lately, I think all of my last few posts have been on it). I was telling her about wanting to do fashion marketing, how I might still consider the professional internship at Disney to get a foot in the door somewhere, about how I was going to apply to everywhere I was interested in and see how it all played out.

I can't remember her exact words, but she then said something to me that I'll never forget... "That's what's so fun about this time in our lives. I know it's scary, but it's also exciting. We aren't tied to anything, we can do whatever we want to do."

At that moment I felt the meaning of that word... FREE.

I feel like I could do anything, ANYTHING!

There are so many other types of freedom. Married couples have freedom to love unconditionally. College kids have the freedom to choose their futures. Mothers have freedom to raise their children. Fathers have freedom to choose family over work. Americans have freedom to choose freedom. We have freedom to choose religion. Humans have freedom to choose peace. Agency and the freedom to make choices for ourselves is a gift, and such a blessing!

Because of our service men and women we can live in a free country. What amazing people they are to fight for us! Because of the Savior we can choose freely. How amazing that blessing is! There are so many different definitions of freedom. On Saturday's Warrior, freedom is defined as "knowing who you are."
I think freedom means something different to all of us. To me, it is all of the above... freedom to believe how I want, freedom to choose my own future, freedom to live in a safe environment, freedom to love my family and friends... so many things make me feel free!

This is FREEDOM.

...and this is FREEDOM.

...this is FREEDOM.
Don't waste your freedom, whatever it may mean to you!

Ps. I am bound and determined to have me one of these...

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