Maybe I listen to weird music....

I just love this band, and thought I would share. It's zooey deschanel... and some dude. I don't know his name. Anyway, they have an old school style that I just love! Senecca thinks I listen to weird music, so maybe not everyone will like it, but I do!
Listen to their song "In the Sun," it's one of the more popular ones!

Also, give Sky Sailing a try. It's Owl City before he was Owl City... with a more guitar sound instead of piano. It's amazing and I love it!
...and I am procrastinating homework like crazy right now, I really need to be better about that!


Adrianwnef said...

She & Him came to SLC to play for the last concert of the free Twilight series...and I missed it. I loved Volume I. You have good taste in music, Misty. Why can't we enjoy them together?

Emma Frances said...

I absolutely love She & Him!!! Why Do You Let Me Stay Here is probably my favorite song by them. And Zooey Deschanel is just the cutest :)