Drum roll please....

Helloooo frans!

I just have to say I am laughing so hard, out loud, watching the office. It's the dinner party episode... So funny!

Anyway, the other day I had a little epiphany!

I now know exactly what I want to do with my marketing career! I know what kind of jobs I want to apply for. The other day I was sitting in my advertising and promotions class and having so much fun (yeah FUN, in class, that's a sign). I decided I should apply for advertising jobs... I pondered what sort of advertising I wanted to do (food, household products, beverages, sporting equipment, etc.). Then the thought came to me..

-F-A-S-H-I-O-N- all came together! The other night I was looking at a magazine.. I stopped on every advertisement and looked at the picture... I would judge the model they chose or the location of the picture, I would wonder what about that picture makes people say, "I want to buy this." I apologized to the people I was with for being so judgemental, but I realize now I have done that my whole life (even before I was a marketing student!). I have always looked at those ads, who does that? I do. It's not being judgemental, it's just studying the marketing. 

I want to go in to fashion marketing and advertising.

I won't design any of the styles or fashion, and I know much about this is based on the photographer, but somewhere behind every one of those pictures is a marketer making the decisions. I will be that marketer.
...dreamin' big, but that's the point right? I applied for two jobs in California, here's hopin' :)

P.S. I saw my baby girls, I love them so!

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chawkins said...

misty.. i just wanted you to know how cool you are.. and i know cool is a stupid word, but you'r just cool.