4 down... 20 to go

I know I haven't updated anything in FOREVER, and I fully intend on doing so next week after my finals. But for now, I just wanted to give a shout out to my boy on the mission. Today marks four months. The time is still crawling, but I am guessing it will continue to do so for twenty more months because I miss him oh so much. But it has picked up a bit. Keeping busy definitely helps! Anyway, enough about me.... Skip is doing great! His best friend and companion was recently transfered so he is breaking in a new companion but it seems to be so good so far. Since the last post about him he had a baptism! It was the Homan family who even I have grown to love through letters, stories, and prayers in their behalf. It is getting hot in Fort Mill which he is not excited about, but he is just working hard and learning to forget himself and do his best to further the work. His tesitmony of the Savior becomes stronger every week. I love to see him grow each week! He is amazing. I love him and think the world of him. I am praying the people of South Carolina will be receptive to his message! I love missionaries and the work they do. I love you Skip!