Amazing!! Jon Schmidt is simply amazing.

Sooooo I found this through a friend on Facebook and now am simply addicted. I love it! I have tried to buy it on iTunes but can't find it! Haha... a perfect combination of two of my favorite songs.


BIZBLOCK Completion

This last week marked the graduation of my life in BIZBLOCK. I have never been so happy to complete anything in my life. This class resulted in hours upon hours spent in the business building reasearching, writing and studying. The class was a three hour block consisting of Management, Marketing and Business Comm. The class was based around a business plan we had to write.

Our business was Expedition. We were an online social networking forum dedicated to travel. I learned so much from this experience. I feel like I could write a plan and start up a business right now! All my teachers were very knowledgable and taught me so much. We had to make three presentations overall in the class. One was midterm, then one Comm presentation and a Management/Marketing presentation. The first two consisted of all of our team members speaking. The last one was just Mo and I presenting. It was very intense and I was so nervous. I think overall it went very well. I had fun and made a few great friends. We had to dress up like grown ups, it was quite fun really! Thanks BIZBLOCK! Although it was stressful, it really taught me a lot.

My life would suck without you...

Like the Kelly Clarkson song, my life would not be anything without these baby girls who just warm my little heart right up. They are two of my greatest blessings. These are just a few random pictures from their recent visits. I love you girls!!

Crich's Birthday!

Last weekend was Crich's birthday! Oh how I love this girl. She honestly has been one of my five best friends since about 1st grade. She is a stud of a woman. I loved spending some time with my fire crew, Alli my love, and of course Crich and Lake (sorry is the nick names are confusing!). Love you Crich!!


I hope this doesn't seem like a morbid subject to anyone, but the other day my mom and Sandy made the coolest funeral arrangemnt. My uncle owns the funeral home and so my mom does many of the funeral pieces for him. This particular one was just amazing, one for the books! It is a hunting dog, made completely of flowers. It was amazing!!

Easter Pageant

Breann and I went to the Easter Pageant! One of my best friends, Kelly, brought her fiance and sat with us. It was a fun night! I love the Easter Pageant, and my little sister loved learning about Christ. It was a missionary experience as well as just a fun time!

Jules visits!

After three years of waiting, my good friend Julian from Germany came back to visit me! He was here my senior year on foreign exchange. I meant to visit him while I was living in Italy but sadly it never worked out. He finally just came back here to see John, Patrick and I (among others :). We had a blast just hanging out and catching up (and painting eachother's toenails haha).

Visting my "other" family!

As many of you know, I have the most confusing family on the planet! Even I barely understand it after all these years! But I sure do love them all. A few weekends ago I went to the valley to visit my other family. We went to the zoo and on a fun walk, among other things. Here are a few pictures from those times. I can't believe how they are growing up! Rj is 15, and Breann is 13. Crazy!


Spring Breakin' it in Vegas baby!

Here I am finally updating my blog! This semester has been so insane I barely had time to sleep let alone update the blog. So here it goes, starting with Spring Break....
Over Spring Break Lacy and I went to Vegas with my mom and grandma (man we are cool ;). They had to go to a trade show for the store so we tagged along. The drive there was an adventure and a half. We had a flat tire while waiting in three hour dam traffic. We changed the tire, but then the spare was flat too! It was crazy. We were driving through the dam watching the tire pressure number get smaller and smaller. We prayed and prayed we'd make it to a service station! With the help of the Lord we made it in to town where we could get new tires at Costco. The next few days were less of a hassle. We stayed at the Palazzo which was not only beautiful, but also reminded me of my home in Italy. I loved it! We spent the days laying by the pool and eating delicious crepes. The second night, we had the amazing opportunity to see Phantom of the Opera! It was an AMAZING experience. I honestly was blown away by the amazing voices of the singers. The whole production was simply the most amazing thing ever! I loved it! Overall it was a great trip with many laughs and timeless memories. The first picture here is a "Green Eggs and Ham" shirt in italian! I should have bought it, dang it! Haha