BIZBLOCK Completion

This last week marked the graduation of my life in BIZBLOCK. I have never been so happy to complete anything in my life. This class resulted in hours upon hours spent in the business building reasearching, writing and studying. The class was a three hour block consisting of Management, Marketing and Business Comm. The class was based around a business plan we had to write.

Our business was Expedition. We were an online social networking forum dedicated to travel. I learned so much from this experience. I feel like I could write a plan and start up a business right now! All my teachers were very knowledgable and taught me so much. We had to make three presentations overall in the class. One was midterm, then one Comm presentation and a Management/Marketing presentation. The first two consisted of all of our team members speaking. The last one was just Mo and I presenting. It was very intense and I was so nervous. I think overall it went very well. I had fun and made a few great friends. We had to dress up like grown ups, it was quite fun really! Thanks BIZBLOCK! Although it was stressful, it really taught me a lot.

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