Spring Breakin' it in Vegas baby!

Here I am finally updating my blog! This semester has been so insane I barely had time to sleep let alone update the blog. So here it goes, starting with Spring Break....
Over Spring Break Lacy and I went to Vegas with my mom and grandma (man we are cool ;). They had to go to a trade show for the store so we tagged along. The drive there was an adventure and a half. We had a flat tire while waiting in three hour dam traffic. We changed the tire, but then the spare was flat too! It was crazy. We were driving through the dam watching the tire pressure number get smaller and smaller. We prayed and prayed we'd make it to a service station! With the help of the Lord we made it in to town where we could get new tires at Costco. The next few days were less of a hassle. We stayed at the Palazzo which was not only beautiful, but also reminded me of my home in Italy. I loved it! We spent the days laying by the pool and eating delicious crepes. The second night, we had the amazing opportunity to see Phantom of the Opera! It was an AMAZING experience. I honestly was blown away by the amazing voices of the singers. The whole production was simply the most amazing thing ever! I loved it! Overall it was a great trip with many laughs and timeless memories. The first picture here is a "Green Eggs and Ham" shirt in italian! I should have bought it, dang it! Haha

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