A Decade Under the Influence

Moment of silence out of respect for the anniversary of the release of what could be argued is the greatest album of all time....................................................................

Ten years today Taking Back Sunday released Tell All Your Friends. My music world has never been the same, and since music is my world, it's safe to say my world as a whole has been forever influenced by it's wonderness. The beautiful brilliance of such a perfect album has yet to influence my life so much as this album.

Thank you Taking Back Sunday. And thank you universe for blessing us all with musically and lyrically gifted prodigies who share their talents with the world.


Lets have some of that Peeta bread.

Technology is a powerful thing. I'm writing this post as I walk from the theatre to the gas station in flagstaff to buy a Coke while I wait in line for the Hunger Games. Like...whaaa?? Moment of silence and iPhones in the air for Steve Jobs.....(literally raising my iPhone).....

Ohemgee. The Hunger Games right now. Oh the ways I love this moment. We all have a story of why things mean the most to us. I'll spare you mine, but just know that this moment has such significance I may just burst from both joy and excitement. Also, I drove all the way to Flagstaff for it so I can enjoy it with my dad and my grandma. If them loving it and being as obsessed with them as I am isn't a testament to their greatness, I don't know what is.

Basically, I want to be as badas.... as Katniss and find my Peeta. I think that was the only real point to this post. Thanks for reading and sorry to waste your time. #sorryimnotsorry


I am an optimist, but only in a perfect world.

Cherry blossoms, cactus, and snow. Only in Arizona. How lovely.

I would also love to add, I am watching Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Mr. Darcy. GET AT ME.

"You have bewitched me, body and soul. And I love.. I love.. I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on."

Oh, to be so in love.

Yesterday I went snowboarding. The snow was absolutely terrible. It was slushy; there was dirt everywhere. I was absolutely convinced the day had no redeeming value. Then, the friend I went with and I decided to practice some things we never take the time to practice when the snow is good. He practiced his backside 180's while I practiced riding switch. With a new goal in mind, the day turned around in an instant. It ended up being the day I remember most being in love with the sport.

There are two lessons to be learned from this. The first is that snowboarding is clearly one of my most prized passions. I love it even when it isn't ideal. I am convinced I will only be truly happy if I work toward moving closer to snow before next season. Northern Cali, here I come. Lake Tahoe, I'll be seeing you.

The second and more important lesson is that you can turn any situation in to a good one if you allow yourself to. Kill pessimism, be an optimist. With the right mind set, any day can be a good day regardless of how bad the snow is. Think about it.


You don't get lucky twice, and that's the truth.

I'm taking a life hiatus for a while. Not sure how long. I am doing this dumb 21 day challenge thing I saw on pinterest? Seriously, I hate pinterest. It is ever consuming and nobody makes half the things they post on there. It's like watching the food network meets Martha Stewart. I'm super over it. Anyway, I am being a complete hypocrite because I am using something I found on there to do this 21 day challenge. It's basically what I should do every day but I don't have the strength to (no cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, crappy food I constantly feed myself, etc.). Not sure why the person who made it picked 21 days, but maybe it's significant somehow. Maybe 21 days means you're healed? Re-hab is 28, maybe I'll hold out for 28 days.

I am boycotting life. I cut out bad foods. I won't make plans to go out before I get my work out in every day. I won't leave my room unless it's clean. I deleted facebook. I just want 28 days to figure a few things out that aren't based off what I think people expect of me. I always think people expect me to say something funny, to go certain places, to decide certain things, to be dating, to get married, to love my job, la la la the expectations list goes on and on. I am going to spend 28 days minimun figuring this all out for myself. The next 28 days will heal my wounded heart, my out of shape body, help me choose my career, figure out my finances, find a place I fit in socially, find my place spiritually...

I have pretty high expectations for the next 28 days.