Warning: this IS a happy post.

Ok so I promised to post something a little more happy and a little less cynical today! So here I am, thinking only happy thoughts... Like Peter Pan! All I need is pixie dust and maybe I can fly away to Neverland (remember I'm on medication, don't judge my strangeness!!).

1. It's Spring Break! And although I have spent it sitting around doing nothing... I got a whole week to sit around and do nothing! It's been nice to not have to worry about homework, papers, quizzes, due dates.... anything school related.
2. It's Spring Break which means that over half of the semester is over! Which means in a few short weeks it is SUMMER TIME!!! Which for me means fire season, but also means lots of money and time with my family and friends... WOOT!
3. It's my last Spring Break... in one way that is sad but in another way it ROCKS because in a year from now I will be a college grad :)
4. I checked one of my "Things to do in 2010" things off my list by completing Ragnar! Now on to the next... Imogene in September. If anyone would like to join me in training let me know! It's going to rock!
5. We finally set a date for Disneyland! April 22nd-25th... it's going to be the best weekend EVER! What is better than Disneyland for free?!
6. One of my favorite friends from Florida is allowing me to come visit him in Pittsburg sometime this year! We're going to go to baseball games, the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.... all kinds of fun stuff! I haven't set the exact date yet but I can't wait! It is one of my cities on my "Cities to see" list!!
7. General Conference is in a few weeks. April General Conference is my favorite weekend of the entire year!! I love it! I really want to try to make it to Utah to see it live, let's hope I can!
8. Lonliness is a state of mind... Someday I'll have that someone always here to hold me, but until then I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends around to help me out all the time. A special thank you to my cousin Dodee for being with me and taking care of me this week!
9. The weather is getting warmer which means tanning, hiking, running... so much fun in the great outdoors!!
Speaking of which, I bought the cutest swimsuit from a company I heard about through one of my favorite girls, Jackie! Her aunt owns the company, you should all check it out! The website is Hapari <---click here to check it out! Here is the one I have...

 I simply love it :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and remember to think happy thoughts! Happiness is a state of mind, you can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable... so I choose to be happy :)

Misty Mae


Jackie said...

AND you should join the Hapari fan club on facebook because they do free give aways ALL the time. HOORAY! You're so cute! Make sure you let me know if you get your cute little butt up here for conference. I WILL come see you!:D

Steven said...

Mistis! I haven't kept up with reading your blog, and I have missed out! I hope you make a speedy recovery! Life stinks when you're dealing with pain. But every happiness to you both ...(you and your cheeks).

Kristin said...

That tankini is too adorable. Must check out that co.!

Livin' it Up said...

Misty, You seriously have the funnest posts ever! You are too cute lady! And i LOVE that tankini!!!! It is so so cute!!!! Hope those cheeks and your pain start being a little nicer to you! :)