So..... Perla and I made a random temple trip on Wednesday morning. We left at 6am... I was so tired! But it was a good experience as always. After we were done we went to Perla's and her mother so kindly made us lunch. It was wonderful as usual. As we were getting ready to head back to Flag her mom gave her this hat and told her its for wearing in Sedona haha... so we couldn't resist a picture with the most random hat and glasses ever. It was so funny!

On Thanksgiving day we had a fun time with the family in Heber. My aunt and uncle and grandparents came and it was so fun. Crazy how talking and eating can produce some of the best times and happiest memories :)
He actually smiled! Miracle!
She didn't. She'll probably hate me for this.
"Can you act like we are married for one second?" Haha he doesn't like pictures.
While we were taking pictures my grandma said, "Take one of Grandpa in the tree!" We all died laughing, he surely was not in a tree! I don't know how she mixed a tree and this nice blue chair.
Grandma kept talking so we had to take this picture about 20 times.
Tyler hates taking pictures with us!
We were having picture fun!
Harvery girls! (We are missing Nikki and Kymi- sorry girls! We missed you!)
We randomly were wearing the exact same outfit. It surely wasn't planned!

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