I love the Holidays!

So I am new to this whole thing, you'll have to forgive me until I can get used to it! Life's good. Finals are coming up in two weeks and I am terrrrrified! Haha not so much, but I am not looking forward to them. Right now I am just excited about Thanksgiving and looking forward to the snow (if it ever comes!) I have been crazy busy doing projects and papers and planning ward activities. We just had a Thanksgiving dinner that turned out wonderfully thanks to all the wonderful help! Things with the family are going great. My mom is finally getting the hang out the store and Don is finally fitting into a routine of driving back and forth. Kymber and Tyler probably don't appreciate all the travelling but they will get used to it. We are planning on an amazing Utah trip once again and I cant wait! Happy happy joy joy I love this time of year!

I was lucky enough to get a visit from Brooke recently, I love this girl!

And it snowed finally in Flag! We have been waiting so long! Hopefully it comes again soon!

Here are some sweet shirts we made on a recent date with my boyfriend/bestfriend Skippy!

We had a random fun day of ice skating recently! We were the only ones there, so fun!

Perla and i had fun with Kurt at the ward Thanksgiving dinner. It was a fun night but I am glad the stress is over!

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