There's no glory in the downhill.

This post really has nothing to do with that, although that is a fabulous point. In the Forest Service they always used to say that to us. When we were hiking for pt's (physical training), there were always those people who would be dying on the uphill. They would be lagging behind while everyone else had to wait for them. Everyone would be carrying their tools and helping them because they couldn't make it up the hill. Yet, on the downhill, they would kick it in to high gear. They would get way ahead of the group like they were the fastest or something. Annoying. The guys who were braver than me and spoke their mind would always shout at them, "there is no glory in the downhill!"

Really, there isn't in the Forest Service and there isn't in life. Furreal. Who gets any real credit for rocking the easiest parts of life? It's when we are struggling, when life is the hardest, when you have to push yourself to survive whatever is ahead of you that you earn glory. No glory in the downhill, lots of glory in the uphill. Remember that. I can't say I never went faster down the hills, but I can say I wasn't the one giving up on the uphill either. Think about that.

The reason I have this topic on my mind is because I have been making a point to go hiking after work. I only go maybe once a week, but I love it! It feels so good! And, it's gorgeous. I am in love with Flagstaff during times like these...
And when I get down the mountain I see this..
Amazing. I love the forest.

Also, I wanted to brag on my sister for a minute. She is my personal hair stylist, and is so patient with me, it's ridiculous. I have a very tender head, not to mention we both get irritable during the 3 1/2 hours it takes to color my hair. And, she rocks at her job. Anyway, my hair is kinda confused on what color it is, but I like it. It's very dark, but growing on me...
We were just going to do it the same as the last time, but I picked a little bit darker color. Turns out it made me more of a brunette than a blonde! Oh well. I color it every six weeks (sometimes less when I get restless). I'll be blonde again soon enough. As for now, I am doing the brunette thing.

I also wanted to say I am so excited because... one of my very best friends of all time asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding!! So excited. So excited for her and her hubby to be. So excited to be a part of it. Love you Crich!

Random thought, Midnight Milky Way are the best candy there is.

Another thing, I am almost 23. My sister once told me that if I weren't married by 23 I was officially old maid status. Well, unless I meet, date, and marry a man in the next 5 weeks, old maid status here I come. And proud of it!

Single girl swaggg.

Only 19 more days of tax season. Counting down.

One last thing... April General Conference. This weekend. Favorite weekend of the year. It's my favorite holiday. The springtime is the most amazing time of year, so many new and beautiful things coming about. The weather is finally coming around. Everything is wonderful. April is my favorite month. April Conference just sums up everything happy in life. Everyone tune in for a weekend of bliss!

That's it. This was random. Enjoy!

Ps. Watching 27 Dresses and they are singing Bennie and the Jets. Possibly one of my favorite movie moments ever! MMmmmMMmmm James Marsden.

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Stormis said...

Misty, I absolutely love reading your blog! You always pull me in and keep me reading to the very end! :) I like your new hair do AND you are so not going to be an old maid at 23! You are still young girl! Not to mention beautiful and awesome! You could land any man you wanted! You rock girl! Keep blogging! You inspire me :)