True life: I'm addicted to acoustic covers.

I live and breath for acoustic cover songs. Not sure why, but they are always (ALWAYS) better than the original to me. I can't even tell you how they make me feel.. pure happiness. The guitar and the piano have always been my weaknesses, some people can attest to that. That is possibly why I am addcited to Tyler Ward right now. That is all he does. He makes sick covers of amazing songs. Man. Of. My. Dreams. Youtube him. You will love him if you love covers (and hate him if you hate them, like my sister does).

Life is a funny thing. It is just a huge roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Lately I have kind of been wondering the purpose of life. I feel like every day I just wake up and go to work to make money to pay my bills so I can live to go to work to make money to pay my bills so I can live to go to work to make money to pay my bills... see where this is going? What is the purpose? I am living but not alive. Just being. It's awful.

I have been really caught up on this thought. Like... what is the point?! Hello monotony.

But then today I had this conversation with a girl at work. She was talking about how she doesn't care much about religion. She said she doesn't believe in a higher power and that it is not important to her to understand those important questions in life. I thought to myself... what is the point?! If there is no higher power, why are we here? We are born, life is full of struggles, and then we die? Hello monotony.

See what my epiphany was?

THAT is the point of life. I am not just waking up every day to go to work to make money to pay my bills so I can live to go to work to make money... you know where I am going with that. There is SO MUCH more purpose to my life than that. I am here to gain a body. I am here to learn and grow. I am here to make covenants. I am here to find an eternal companion. I am here to raise a family to have faith in my Heavenly Father. I am here to prove my worthiness so I can return to Him. I have so much knowledge to the point of life, and I take is so for granted! I know what the purpose is, I feel awful for having forgotten it for one small moment. Life is beautiful. Life is a time to learn and grow and become better.

I have had many struggles, as has everyone. This last year has nearly done me in. For a while, I was not sure how much more my little heart could take. But then there was a talk in General Conference that referenced a plant (or a tree? or something... people who watched it help me out..). Either way, in the story there was a gardener who had to hurt the plant in order to save it. I am butchering this story to death... the point being sometimes we have to go through hard times in order to become who we are meant to be. It does not mean the Lord does not love us and is not aware of us, it means He does.

These are all random thoughts that have nothing to do with my obsession with acoustic cover songs, but if you have ever read a post on this blog before you know that these random thoughts are how I roll. Sorry if the random change of subject drives you crazy.

I'll end it with a quote that is currently my fb status, because it came in to my mind so clearly today when I needed it most... literally an answered prayer.


Jacquie said...

Misty, I just love you. And this post. And your whole blog! What you said in this post is something I've been needing a to be reminded for awhile! My life has felt a lot like that monotony you speak of lately and I've wondered a lot: "What's the point? What the heck am I doing with my life?" But it's all so clear to me now! Thanks beautiful! :)

kim10e said...

OH MY GOSHHHHHH!! Tyler Ward is amazing. I found him on youtube a while back and seriously i listen to him all the time. Im obsessed. I love that we have the same taste. Can we find two hot twin boys to marry please? :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Love this. I feel the same as your lately.