Freaky Friday Night!

Tonight Courtney and I went for a lovely (my new favorite word, all my guests from the UK say it, that and "cheers" :) evening at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort! It was so beautiful and magical! I love it. It is the second time we went, and also the second time they were playing the movie "Freaky Friday". We started out the night by visiting my new favorite little diner, Beaches and Cream.

We then did a bit of shopping and on the way got distracted by my new favorite obsession, the photo booth! Court and I have done it a few times and I am addicted. We have so many ideas for pictures to come, hopefully I can get to a scanner so I can post them online. They are soooooo fun! Try it, you'll love it I promise, especially if there is an instant replay feature!
We then sat down for an awesome Disney movie. They play one every night at eight! We hope that next time we go it won't be Freaky Friday again! Haha but it was still so fun. Half way through the movie the fireworks went off at Epcot, it was so beautiful to watch! It is my new favorite thing to do, and definitely something I will miss when I leave here! Here is the view from where we sat...
And this is the way they show the movie...
It's pretty cool if you ask me! Sorry there are no pictures with people in them, I forgot my memory card. I know pictures with no people are boring like post cards but I just wanted to give a little idea of what it was like! Next time I will remember to take people photos! Oh, and I forgot to mention that we started the day with the Nemo musical at Animal Kingdom, it was so good! I loved it! A must see for sure.

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