Random thoughts in no particular order.

Nothing is better than...
*Inspiring quotes
*Planning my school schedule for the next semester
*Texts that say only "I love you."
*Hearing people play piano
*Walking barefoot in grass
*Hearing a new born baby cry
*Daydreaming about the future
*Being in a bookstore
*Buying knock off designer sunglasses
*Watching the same Disney movies I've watched since I was five
*Sending cards to people
*Setting goals
*Accomplishing goals
*Crying while listening to someone bare testimony
*Feeling the Spirit so strongly you know you never want to do wrong again

Today I want to try to...
*Eat healthier
*Learn to sew
*Cook for my roommates
*Buy a guitar
*Read church materials an hour every day
*Say hi to strangers

We can all try a little harder to be a little better...
*Be the change you wish to see in the world
*Be a builder, not a wrecker
*It is better to be respected than to be popular
*An example can be the best form of missionary work
*Let these values be reflected in you: Faith. Divine Nature. Individual Worth. Knowledge. Choice and Accountability. Good Works. Integrity. Virtue.

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Miss Marie said...

Great post mistty... So true.