Trying to be artistic....

Sooooo birthdays. I am REALLLLLYYYYY bad at them. I always start thinking about what I want to get way ahead of time, then I stress and stress over getting the perfect gift until I drive myself crazy and just have to choose something at the last minute. Never fails! Haha. Saturday is Skippy's birthday. I did get this, and I was pretty proud of it.

Without being a cast member, I would have never been able to get it! They NEVER write two names on a hat, not for anyone... unless you have connections. :)

The other night I was shopping at Walmart and saw all of these blank picture frames. I thought, how about I put some thought and heart in to this birthday gift? So, I decided to home-make a frame. Here it is...

The quote is one from President Benson out of Preach My Gospel. It says "One of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work." I thought it was appropriate for a missionary haha. The NC is representative of Skip's pride and joy, North Carolina. He is always sending me pictures and stuff of NC. I hope he likes it! I am a little nervous that he will think it is lame, but oh well, I tried. I got him a few other housekeeping things, ties and sweaters to keep him warm, and of course Cheezits and Capri-suns! It was my first attempt at an art project in a long time. What do you think? Tell me if it's horrible! :)

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