By the way, my name is John.

John Bytheway is amazing. Honestly, so many of the stories and scriptues I know come from things I have learned from him. A few months ago, I bought a collection of his talks on CD at Deseret Book (my all time favorite store, I always spend more money in there than intended, it's so addicting). I listen to them all the time. When I am driving anywhere, even when I am walking around campus, I am listening to John Bytheway (JBTW as Perlis and I lovingly refer to him). When people think I am jamming to music, I am listening to his talks. It might be because I have an immature mind, I don't know. All his talks are directed toward the youth. But he talks in a way that is so easy to learn and understand and most importantly, retain. To put it simply, I'm obsessed. Today I was walking around the bookstore here in Orlando, just for the fun of it (I do that sometimes, yes, I am a dork), and I saw this.I honestly jumped and made a startled yet happy noise out loud for the workers and shoppers to hear. I instantly grabbed it, bought it, and listened to the first talk. I already love it. For any of you who have never experienced a JBTW talk, I would recommend at least one. I promise if you are not addicted, I'll never blog about it again (I know, what and inspiring promise, haha). The one I listened to most recently is called "What are you carrying in your backpack?" I loved it!! Please take time to listen to him at least once.

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