Mickey's Not So Scary!

The last few weeks I have been working during the Halloween Party. Last Tueday both Courtney and I were off so we decided to attend the party as guests rather than cast members! It was so fun! We had a hard time deciding on costumes. We were going to wear the princess dresses, yes the little girl ones, but we decided to not spend the money. Instead, we went with a baseball theme. It turned out to be the right choice because it was so comfy!

The night was amazing. It honestly was my favorite thing I have done since I've been here! My favorite part was the dance party with Goofy. It was Goofy, Stitch, and Pluto. Goofy was the man of the hour. He was singing the song and teaching us the dance. It was awesome! Then he came down on the floor and actually danced with us! It was a dream come true :) Haha.

The parade was seriously amazing. There were all the villians singing "It's good to be bad" as well as the good guys singing "Trick or Treat... Boo..To..You" with Alice whispering "With more treats and less tricks!" Courtney's favorite part was all the candy haha. We went there thinking we would ride all the rides because everyone would be busy with the party, but we ended up being just like them... we were too distracted to ride any rides! Haha

I LOVED the Hallowishes fireworks. I already have a love for fireworks, but these ones lit the whole sky! They were amazing, and the music was perfect, completely set the mood. The whole thing was just amazing. I can't explain the fun we had!! I hope everyone gets the chance to be a part of it someday!

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