Magic Kingdom

Since my first trip to Magic Kingdom that first week, I have visited once more. I went with my awesome roomies, Holly and Kaitlyn. We did all the touristy things, acted like we were guests! It was a blast! All the wait times were really short, so we spent very little time standing in lines. When we first got there, we watched the parade. I love it! The characters are so much fun! It was nice to see them all dressed up. Working backstage, I often run in to Cinderella in a robe with only her make up and wig, or Tinkerbell in jeans and converse shoes listening to her iPod. It is a trip to be honest. I still get star struck when I see them though! It is just a strange contrast to the image of them in my mind! So the parade helped me to remember that they are princesses and beautiful ones at that!The rest of the day was spent riding rides and eating Mickey head ice cream bars. It was a blast! Thanks girls for the fun times!!

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