First week as a Disney Cast Member!

My first week at Disney was, in a word, BUSY! We did SO MUCH training and learning, it was exhausting! But, it had it's perks. I visited both Epcot and Magic Kingdom for my very first time :) Magic Kingdom is a lot like Disneyland, so of course I enjoyed it. My favoirte, though, was Epcot. It was simply beautiful. I love traveling and diversity and learning about cultures and different types of people. It was just so charming and wonderful. We only had a little bit of time there, so we went to dinner in Japan, and then ate gelato in Italy. Right after getting the gelato, the fireworks show started. It was so beautiful! My favorite I have ever seen!! I can't even explain it. It helped me to realize that those are the moments I am going to remember about this place. Working for Disney is just like other jobs. It is work. But the perks to it, such as moments at Epcot with ice cream and new friends, those are the reasons I am here. It was so peaceful and wonderful, I loved it! Here are a few pictures from those first visits. All the people in them are my roommates and new friends. They are all such wonderful people, I love them!

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