Nowhere to go and all day to get there....

When I learned I had been accepted in to the Disney Program, I decided I wanted to have my car there with me. I went without one in Italy, and it was completely fine, but if I had the option, I'd rather keep my girl with me. When I told my mom, she said she didn't want me to drive all the way here all by myself so she decided to come! At the last minute my sister wanted to come too! It was an amazing adventure with the three of us! We were sad Lacy wasn't there, but she was off doing better (for lack of a better word) things (honeymooning!). We started in Winslow, and headed to Albequerque. We stayed there that night. The next morning we headed toward Oklahoma City. That was a long drive, but we saw alot of beautiful and fun things on the way, including the Cadillac Ranch!
Oklahoma City was BEAUTIFUL! I loved it there :) We went to the Oklahoma City bombing Memorial when we pulled in to town because my uncle (he is the ultimate destination tourguide) claimed it was absolutely necessary to see it at night. It was breathtaking, and very humbling. The statue simply said "And Jesus wept," it surely took my breath away.
The next day we had lunch in OKC and then headed to Missouri. We stayed the night in Bransen because we had hoped to see a musical the next day, but unfortunately none of them were playing that week (just that one week in the whole year, weird). So we stayed the night and then headed the next day toward St. Louis. We went to the Gateway Arch and did the tour to the top. It was a wonderful view!
Afterward, we went to Louisville. That was one of my favorite cities we saw! We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum, and Churchill Downs. So much FUN! I would recommend them both!

Our next destination was in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was a little (A LOT) weird to be headed to NC, with Skippy being there and all. But my cousin Matt was recently married and lives there, so we wanted to visit. He used to live in Winslow so we saw him often, we miss him! On the way there went through the Smokey Mountains and through... yep... none other than Waynesville, North Carolina. It was SO WEIRD. I was going a bit crazy worrying that I would run in to Skip. I was even worried about getting out to take a picture. We jumped out quickly, took a picture, and then left. It was beautiful there!! And the night at Matt's was wonderful.

The next day we went to Savannah, GA. That was by far my favorite place! It is BEAUTIFUL there! I have wanted to go there my whole life (well, since I read the Work and the Glory, so for a few years). It was so pretty. We just walked the street on the river front and enjoyed the beautiful view and come shopping. It was lovely :)

After Savannah, we were on the last leg of the trip. We were headed to Daytona, the only place Kymber was genuinely happy to visit! It is beautiful there, it was so nice and relaxing, and the perfect way to finish a trip. My poor mom got a little shower from a bird overhead, the poor girl! It was AWFUL! But other than that, all was great :)

Thanks to mom and Kymber for the best week of my life! I love the two of you so dearly. I miss you so much! Please know how much the time we spend together means to me, the world!

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