The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.

This morning I had to work early (6:30 am!), so I was off really early. All my roommates are closing the parks tonight. I really don't like when we are on opposite shifts like that because I spend time alone and it gives me the opportunity to start thinking about all of the things I miss! So, while I was at home missing every thing, I made a little collage of all the things I really miss today. The pictures include: friday night football games in my home town, my best friend Perla, my parents, pine trees, Jaycee, watching my little brother play sports, Arizona, my athletic days and high school friends, Socorro, the air being cool enough to wear a hoodie, my life in Italy, snowboarding, holding hands, Skippy of course, my best friend Whitney, Flagstaff air that makes a beanie a requirement and not just a fashion statement, my favorite missionary and best friend Brindi, the fall, the changing trees, the cold air, and most of all... my family.

Thanks for being patient while I whine a bit about the things I miss. It's not like I have it bad at all :) just some things seem more important than enjoying all these adventures because they can't be enjoyed with the ones I love!

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