Speaking of missionaries....

It seems as though ALL of (most of ;) my best friends are on missions. I am SOOOO excited, this year they are starting to come home! I miss them all terribly, it seems as though our class had this crazy awesome friendship and having them gone has kind of made it hard to spend time all together like we used to. But Danny comes home this month, then Jared in May, Chancy in August, Tyson in September, Derek and Jared in November, Chris in Januray, Brindi in April... and then Skippy in December haha. I miss them all so much and the wonderful happiness they all bring to my life. I am excited to get to know them all again when they return. I am so proud to say I have so many friends with such a desire to serve. It is hard having them ALL gone but such a blessing to have such wonderful and faithful friends. I love you all! Press forward!!!
I don't even think I sent this to him, I am so BAD when it comes to the mail service. But it is proof to him that I am thinking about him! Haha
Here is Jar in some BEAUTIFUL place in New Zealand. He loves it there, I am pretty sure he doesn't want to leave!
Oh, Brin. How I LOVE this girl, I know she is an amazing blessing to the people of Chile!!

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