100? That's too many!

Here, in no particular order and with no particular theme, are some random things about me! I know you are thrilled.... Who wouldn't want to learn 100 random facts about someone? Some are things alot of people know, some are exclusive (so consider yourself lucky ;)

1. I love to run.

2. I once won an 8 day trip to Washington DC, that was the birth of my love of history.

3. I love LOVE little kids.

4. I have always wanted to work on Wall Street.

5. Travelling is my favorite thing to do. I love seeing new places.

6. I love chunky peanut butter.

7. If I had three wishes one of them would be to be amazing at the piano.

8. I went to Arizona Girls State when I was a junior in high school.

9. I can run a chain saw, although it terrifies me to do it!

10. I once had the opportunity to be helicoptered into a fire and was left stranded fighting fire on the side of a mountain. The helicopter ride was worth it.

11. My softball team is the 2006 1A STATE CHAMPIONS!

12. I was the president of the FFA.

13. I once worked at FACTS, it was my favorite job.

14. My favorite college team is the University of Michigan. My grandpa bought me a shirt once and I have been a fan ever since.

15. It is my dream to be a US Ambassador.

16. Cheez-Its and Capri-Suns are my absolute favorite.

17. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite movies.

18. I had pink hair once.

19. I once rolled down a hill in a giant tire.

20. I don't see the point in dating people you know you would never marry, as a result I haven't dated many people.

21. Going to the temple is my most important goal.

22. I listen to John Bythway talks on tape almost daily.

23. I get obsessed with things easily (Nsync, Spice Girls, Flamingos, Dancing with the Stars, High School Musical, etc.). It's a personality flaw.

24. I find joy in grammar.

25. I once drove all the way to Vegas and back in the middle of the night just to ride a rollar coaster.

26. I love describing people as "classy."

27. I went to a math challenge in 6th grade with a group of people and we won!

28. I did 4-H all throughout high school, I used to walk a lamb, pig and steer around Heber :)

29. My biggest pet peeve is littering, I pick up random trash when I can.

30. I look at the week in pictures on every week, they email it to me.

31. I'm in love :)

32. I watch the History Channel for fun.

33. I love Michael Jackson.

34. I love the Trevi Fountain.

35. I love baking!

36. Craig Counsell is my favorite baseball player. Michael Phelps is my favorite athlete (although the whole smoking weed thing kind of throws that off....)

37. The Olympics are my absolute favorite, I love what they stand for.

38. The Trek changed my life, the experiences I had eternally affected my tesitmony.

39. I had the biggest heartbreak of my life and found the love of my life within a week of eachother (it was two different people...)

40. I love the zoo.

41. I have a thing for ferry boats.

42. Cliff jumping terrifies me.

43. I eat TOO MUCH ice cream.

44. I have a thing for backs.

45. I kind of think emo kids are cool, I admire their desire to be an individual.

46. I am not a morning person, I only wake up in a good mood on one condition...

47. I love getting mail, something about it being addressed to me personally makes me happy.

48. I feel naked if I don't have my phone.

49. I love walking bare foot in grass and in sand.

50. When I was little I used to walk barefoot in the snow like it was the middle of summer.

51. I have weird skin pigmentations on random parts of my body, like my knee and elbow joints.

52. I love Simply Orange orange juice.

53. I love watching wrestling.

54. Cash Cab is one of my favorite shows.

55. I can not make a decision for anything, I admire people who can make decisions well.

56. I love the Work and the Glory books.

57. I watch Suite Life of Zack and Cody and High School Musical.

58. I get made fun of for the fact that I don't kiss people.

59. I L O V E hugs!

60. I hate when people are angry with me or are disappointed in me, I can't handle it, I have to make it right with them.

61. I have a whole book full of quotes.

62. I make lists for everthing, especially goals.

63. I love when the sky is overcast and the trees look really green, the contrast of the grey and green is beautiful!

64. I love flying, I used to want to be a pilot.

65. I love dorky guys.

66. I love learning about Joseph Smith, it is my favorite thing to learn about.

67. Joy is my favorite word.

68. Book stores are one of my favorite places to shop.

69. I love the spring and fall, they are my favorite seasons.

70. April 6th is my favorite day of the year.

71. I always have wanted to adopt a child (not a baby, women who can not conceive need the babies, I mean a child, like Brooke :)

72. I lived in Italy for 4 months.

73. I have used 4 different means of starting fire to burn parts of the Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest (drip torch, grenades, fuzee, flare gun)

74. I graduated high school with a 4.067 GPA.

75. I have spent more weekends hanging out with my family than my friends since I started college... by alot.

76. My favorite scripture is Ether 12:27.

77. My volleyball team won the gold volleyball every year we played.

78. I love the movie She's the Man.

79. I still sing the songs from Saturday's Warrior all the time, I watch it too.

80. I really love people. I love to watch them and learn about them, they fascinate me.

81. My family thinks I am weird because I love to read.

82. I love hearing boys sing.

83. I have always wanted to live in Boston.

84. I love fishing.

85. Hair in the sink and the bathtub grosses me out.

86. Last summer when we were on a fire in Alpine we were at the top of a mountain with only one way down. We lit fire all the way around us. As we were driving down, there was fire on both sides of our engine, and the left hand side was about a 90 degree drop off. The road was only as wide as our engine. It was the most intense situation I have ever been in.

87. I love US History.

88. Hairspray is one of my favorite movies. I love learning about the Civil Rights movement, and the lessons that can be learned through that movie are wonderful!

89. I have not seen my biological father since I was 12, and I am ok with it because my step father is amazing. I hope to be as motivated and service rendering as he is some day.

90. I used to be extremely outgoing and somewhere along the way I lost that character trait, I think it is an insecurity thing. I want it back.

91. I think charity is the most respectable characteristic a person can have.

92. Peanut butter MM's and Dr. Pepper are my go to food when I feel I need something to make me instantly happy.

93. If I randomly get all quiet and withdrawn I am thinking deeply about something serious, and contemplating serious things in my mind.

94. I sadly have never been to Mexico.

95. I love 3rd Nephi.

96. I watch "How it's Made" whenever possible.

97. I compare my life to movies, it's bad.

98. I love pictures, it's a little ridiculous. They are some of my favorite possessions.

99. People used to tell me I look like Hilary Duff. Then she got hot, now they don't. Haha.

100. I apply almost every song I hear to situations in my life, I feel like every song was written about me. (Ok maybe not EVERY song... Example... I kissed a girl and I liked it... Definitely not written about me....)

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Jackie said...

YAY FOR MISTY BEING A BLOGGER!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Now I can keep track of you better! Miss you love!!!!!!!!