Valentine's Day flower fun!

Valentine's Day is a crazy day for my mom's store, there are millions of people (not really millions ;) wanting flowers and balloons. My mom asked me to help her work which was fine with me, I had no plans. After a while of blowing balloons my fingers were about BLEEDING so I decided to help with flowers. Kymber and I started stripping the thorns off the roses and my cousin Dody (Devon!) said- Misty put together this arrangement! I laughed, I am terrible with flowers! All I could do was put together wrapped dozen and single roses. But I decided I would try it out. It was fun! This is one of the five or six arrangements I did. It created somewhat of a monster, now I do them all the time!

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Jackie said...

yay! I want to learn! It looks great! What a wonderful hidden talent:)