While we're young and beautiful.

Dear college:

Sometimes I really don't like you...

Senior year is the hardest thing I have ever done, it even ranks above sending off a missionary.
Dealing with you and the stresses of life (dating, maintaining friendships, church callings, etc.) at the same time are enough to put someone in an institution. 
Not having the opportunity to work full time really limits every choice I make. It throws off my eating habits, my work out schedule, etc. because I can't afford to live like normal people. 
All I ever do is worry about homework. I can never have a stress free minute because I am thinking about my paper that is due or an exam I really should be studying for.

Yet, sometimes I love you...

Times like I had last night. Times where I am surrounded by the best friends in the world. I can laugh like a kid, dance like I just don't care, and simply enjoy being young and alive.

Sometimes its good to rememeber to just let your hair down and go a little bit crazy,

"And even if we come home empty handed we'll still have our stories, battle scars, pirate ships and wounded hearts, broken bones and all the best of friendships."

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