Here's to today.

Today... I accomplished a goal.

Today... I pushed myself.

Today... I spent time getting to know some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Today... I was inspired to be better, to work harder, to push myself, to be kinder, to love stronger.

Today... I was reminded about what is truely important in life.

Today... I made new goals.

Today... I felt both absolute joy and absolute pain at the same time.

Today... I realized how greatful I am to be here, alive and well. So very blessed.

Today... was a good day. Life is good.

Smile, it looks good one you :)

Here's to making sure every day is as good as today.


Livin' it Up said...

You are precious!

Rasha said...

Too cute. I love these

lexlovesjate said...

MISTY!!! You are my hero and I love you. :)