We are the World.... get on iTunes!!

I have been working on a new post for a while but I keep getting interrupted so it's coming some time soon! But I just wanted to share a few things....

Last night while watching the Olympics I saw a commercial for Haiti relief. It was a bunch of famous singers singing a song called "We are the World." I loved it! It was all special and emotional. Everyone should go download it on iTunes RIGHT NOW! It's only $1.29 and it's for charity! You will love it!

Anyway, so my mom decided we should watch the old one that Micahel Jackson helped make to raise money for Africa, it was 25 years ago. I watched it and oh man it is amazing! The song is so lovely and heart felt!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Ps. I decided after watching it that I am in love with Bruce Springsteen. Yum his part in here is my favorite! Right after Michael Jackson (who is the love of my life by the way... he has my heart! I feel a little skip in the beat of it every time he sings!!). Enjoy!!! :)

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