Someday, I'll be a knight.

Hello friends. Another random thought from yours truly.

The other day I was watching a Knight's Tale and Heath Ledger's character said something that stuck out to me. Right when he is sitting on the horse, in his armor, about to joust for the first time, he says:

I've waited my whole life for this moment.

I got to thinking, what have I waited my whole life for? Everyone has that moment when they realize what they are about to do is what their whole life has been about. Everything, up until that point, doesn't matter at all. It is all about this moment, this minute, this second, you have waited your whole life for.

Everyone has a different moment they have been waiting for.

It could be a proposal.
Becoming a parent.
Owning your career.
[btw this picture rocks]

Everyone has a different idea of that moment, but it's just as important to every one of us. It is amazing, breathtaking, life changing. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there is no question as to what that moment is.

It is a moment I have worked toward my whole life. Every decision I have made, every chance I have taken, every opportunity I have taken advantage of has revolved around this life changing moment. No choice I have made has been without this in mind. I have missed out on things, I have said no when the world would have me say yes, I have been mocked and teased and judged for this moment. And yet I know, without a single doubt in my heart, that when that moment comes (hopefully far in the distant future) none of that will matter. I know that as I wake up that day, walk up those steps, and stare up at this place, I will say to myself...

Going to the temple to receive my endowment will be the moment I have known I was waiting my whole life for. It won't be for a mission, a marriage, or for any other reason than me, wanting to make covenants with my Heavenly Father, for myself and myself alone. What a blessing.   


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

At first I thought that photo was you engaged I was like OMG I DIDNT KNOW SHE WAS DATING!! !lol... its not you right haha

Jacquie said...

AAHH! Misty, this post is absolutely amazing. Seriously. I love it. I love what you said. I love the pictures. I love how you talked about saying no when the world would have you say yes. I love everything about this post. And I love you!! I'm happy I ran into you tonight. Thanks for this post, it was really powerful. And it got me thinking... what moment have I been waiting for my whole life? Girl, I'm gonna have to agree with you. And thanks for the reminder. It's got me thinking that I need to do a better job of remembering this goal that I've been waiting my whole life for EACH and every day and making sure that I'm doing the things that will get me there when at last, the wait is over! :)

You da best.


Miss Lydia June said...


This is pure blogging genius, and I love it.

On The Corner said...

The beauty of this is.... When you achieve that moment.... Another will await you... It will be just a steppping stone to another moment that will again be... What you have waited, longed, prepared for... That is the beauty of this life, this temporary life that is a stepping stone to eternity...Can you imagine the moments we will have between here... and eternity!

amanda.hall said...

great post Misty. And whoever the guy is he will be VERY lucky to be getting you! And it is so great to see that you are keeping things in the right perspective!

Gissell said...

Seriously brought a tear to my eye. I miss you Misty!