Random Rant

Today my cousin and I were decorating our house with these bizzare bubble stickers.

 We decided we wanted more fun decorations so we peaced out and headed to the World Market to see what we could find. There was plenty of lovely things, but the sweet little something that caught our eye was nowhere near the home decorating categroy. What we found was butternut squash pasta sauce. Can you say amazing? Actually is sounds sick (sick the way it used to be used- as in gross). But my cousin was determined to try something new. We wanted to be all...cultured. So we grabbed it, some tortellini, delicious oil & garlic dipping sauce, some amazing blackberry pomegranate italian soda (seriously that stuff is my new favorite, PLEASE go try some!).

Also, I love it when people post random useless information on facebook. I especially love statuses that explain every single second of someone's day.

(soandso) just woke up! I climbed out of bed. Then I said my prayers. Then I went to the bathroom. Then I went downstairs. Then I ate some cereal. Then I checked my watch. Then I took a shower. Now I am puting on my mascara as I update my status. As soon as I am finished I am going to walk to my car and then I will drive down the street then I will turn right then left then right and end up at the supermarket where I will buy cheese. Love you facebookers!

Also, I REALLY love status games when people change their last name to the first person who 'likes' their status. It's especially awesome when I don't know who my friends are because of these fun games.

And last, but not least, I love when people leave everyone hanging out their status. [(soandso) is so sad.] [comment: why?] [no response]. If you don't want to talk about it, there is this thing where you don't have to post it on facebook. Crazy how that works.

I am sure this is all exactly what Mark Zuckerburg intended when he created what was once known as 'The Facebook'. I think perhaps the Winklevii should have suggested not only exclusivity for college students, but also for everyone who doesn't want to deal with Farmville invites and 30 comment long status conversations.

Sorry if that rant is offensive, it is late and I am tired. Facebook means different things to different people. Everyone can use it how they like. I just had to put my thoughts somewhere.

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