Tik Tok

Ok I am horrible lately about keeping up with things in my life! So prepare for the post of a lifetime...

Let's hope I can live up to the pressure.

First of all, wanna see something cool?

There I am! Yeah, that's me on a Poster at Disney! Pretty neat eh? Everyone who works at Magic Kingdom saw it every day. Haha, I'm kind of a big deal. Actually, I was a little embarrassed. Everyone I saw was like- you're the girl on the poster! Ummmmm yep that's me. Haha, still pretty cool I guess.

So New Years Eve was spent with my lovely Disney friends! We were working, but they let us at least go out and watch the fireworks! It was so neat, definitely a night to remember!

These people honestly changed my life. They are some of the best friends I have ever had, I could have never made it through those Disney months without them! We took some neat pictures on our last night taking the strollers to the Hub!

Yeah please don't laugh at the mom jeans, I know, so obnoxious. And sorry that I was too lazy to turn it sideways!

Leaving these kids was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I can't even explain the closeness I felt to them. They were my family. I spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, first times and last times with them. Together we survived the hardest/best thing I have done in my life. They honestly changed my life! There is a quote,

"It takes a second to meet someone, a moment to love them, but a lifetime to forget them."

My life has been touched by so many. Courtney, Stacey, Colleen, Melissa, Miguel, Jeremy, KelseyLynn, Kristen, Katy, Ashley, Bob, Fern, Michelle, Moraiba, Patty, Stephanie, George, Zachary, Derek, Annii, Kyle... if I forgot anyone, I love you too. These people touched me in a way I can't explain. I love them all. In the words of Owl City, "I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes, I got misty eyes as they said farewell." And by misty eyes I mean I was bawling like the biggest baby you've ever met. So so sad. I might not have even cried so hard when Skip left (lie.).

But the leaving was bittersweet because guess who came to pick me up?! Yep, mommy and little bro (yes I still call her mommy, you have a problem with it? say it again to my face :). They picked me up and we spent a lovely day at Disney!
It was both of their first visits so it was pretty dang exciting uh?
It was the best day ever.
Also, we stayed in the All Star Movie Resort!
The Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollar Coaster were their favorties, with good reason!

Love them!! After a great day we headed out on the long adventure home. We stopped the first night in Pensacola.


I loved loved loved it, it will definitely be a vacation destination at some point in my life!

The next day we headed straight through the south.


I didn't love it. I didn't even like it. We went to New Orleans. I am glad I saw it, I'd be glad to never go back!

 Driving through Texas was the longest day of my life. But, we made it.

Now I am back in Flaggs. I have the most amazing roommates ever! I love them.

Seriously, LOVE.

They are all beautiful and amazing! They are such strong examples, they help motivate me to be a better person. They help me be strong, and they are fun as heck. Oh, it is love. Dear roomies, I heart you. Don't interrupt, rude!

The semester shouldn't be too bad. I have two marketing classes, a finance class, a history class, and a CIS class. Not to mention my favorite, my institute class- Old Testament! It's amazing.

There was a crazy huge snow storm last week, so we spent alot of time at home. It was bliss!

 It consisted of:
*Catch Phraze
*Office: seasons 1 &2
*Pearl Harbor
*All 3 HSM's
*HSM dance party
*Birthday Party
*Lot's of laughing and lots of fun!!
*Hippie Pancakes!

I love my life and friends here! Becky and I jam out to Tik Tok, Bridgette and I watch Office, Senecca and I work out... I love them all! We talk like we've been friends for years!

Also, I got to see my baby girls :)

My little princesses!

Oh how I love them!!!

So, that is life for me lately. Maybe this wasn't the post of a lifetime, but it's at least an update!

Happy almost weekend from me!


Ps. I wake up in the morning feeling like P-diddy, grab my glasses, I'm out the door I'm gonna hit this city :)
Smile like you mean it!