Rawwwrawww ah ah ah...

Today is my first day of my senior year in college.




I am back in AZ. Brrrrrrr. I miss my 90 degrees.

Really, still with the goldfish? Ewww. In the words of our president, "Change is coming."

I need to run. Ragnar in just over a month. I need to train.

Lady Gaga should consider chilling out her wardrobe, I'm just sayin'.

Have a lovely Monday all. My life starts again today. Institute. Homework. Snow. It's kind of a big deal. I'm starting to work toward my fitness goals today now that I am back on a regularish schedule. My goal today is smile all day. Maybe it can be yours too.

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Livin' it Up said...

Miss Misty! Hope all is well with you sugar!!!! :) GOod luck on school!!! woot woot senior year of college!!!!! You go girl! :)

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