Blogging for dummies.

There should be an iPhone application for that (haha lately when I think of something absurd I wish I could have I tell my mom- there should be an app. for that). The whole blog thing... I'd like to get better, but I am slowly learning over time. I'd like to learn how to change my font and how to do this and do that. But hey- it's a work in progress. One day I might become that world class blogger who has a button and people add it to their page, but for now I am slowly learning.

I've learned that patience is a virtue.

There is much on my mind but it is oh so late. I'll be back soon, don't you fret.


Whitney Mai said...

Misty, sorry for blog stalking you, but yours is so cute! I want to learn from you! ha, it seems that this post is only true for some of us.

camilkington said...

Uh Misty..
your bloggin skills are way more advanced than mine. Please teach me so i dont have to use the stupid layouts blogspot has on here.. and all your cute little buttons/photos on the side..
And yes, i was blogstocking again.