The other day I saw that the Disney kids were going to watch the SUNNSSSS play! I thought to myself, "Why not take a crazy chance? Why not do a crazy dance? If you lose the moment, you might lose a lot... so why not??" Hahaha ok maybe that song just happened to be playing in the county bounty and so it was a subconcious thought but either way I decided I wanted to go to the game too! I went online and bought some $10 tickets. The next part was the hardest... finding someone to go with me!! Nobody here likes sports, I don't know what it is. Luckily I have my favorite and might I add adventerous BFF Courtney and she said she would go. So went we did! Talk about epic. Steve Nash. Stoudemire. Sweet old lady Magic fan yelling at me. Ahhhh the memories. It was a good time. We got SLAUGHTERED. It was a blood bath. But you know, it's ok. It's all about the memories anyway right? And it was micktabulous (thanks Terri for the new adjective :).

Good news minute:

*Whitney and Ashley will be here on Wednesday! I might pee with excitement!!!

We are staying a pirate room. WOOT! Can't wait!

Also, my mommy called to say she is going to fly me home for a week in December. Sign me up. A week of mommy, Kymi, Dodee, mexican food, Jaycee and Socorro, and snow. I am so there it's insane.
I have a few goals of new future purchases I thought I would share. I want these jeans:
Not anytime soon. They are totally a horribly wasteful buy, they are so expensive. But I waaaaant some. So I figure I'll give them to myself as a graduation gift to me.

And, I neeeed a guitar. I have a guitar, but I need an acoustic so I can learn to play well and then rock out on my electric.

So uhhhhh, those my goals. Oh not to mention a new wardrobe to help deal with the cold. But I can worry about those later.

I secured a place to live in the spring with some amazing girls from the institute in Flagg. I am so super excited! AND I will be neighbors with Amberlee and Tally!!! Can you say sleepovers complete with High School Musical, cookies, and nachos? (I really never say, its an inside joke, like a movie quote. It just comes out.)

My roomie and I are going to Downtown Disney for some shopping and pretzeling so I'll get back to you later. Love, peace and chicken grease!

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