Count your many blessings, name them one by one.

So today I was blog stalking (a normal activity now days) and I fell upon Camille's blog. She had a list of 30 things she was thankful for in November. Genius. I am now going to steal her idea. She apparently stole it from someone else, so the credit goes to the both of them. Copycat. Oh well, I liked it. So...

1- My amazing mother.

Honestly the most amazing and selfless person I have ever met. I don't know where she gets the time and energy to be so worried about everyone else. She never does anything else, and I honestly believe it's because it isn't fun for her, she would rather be doing something for us. She takes anyone in without a second thought. She gives of all she has- money, time, talent- to helping others. She works so hard so we will have everything we need, even if it means no rest for herself. She has such high hopes for us, and is always proud of who we are. She is funny and random and crazy. She is my best friend in the whole world. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for her and all she is and does for me. I love you mom!!

2- Family.
Seriously, how cool are we? Love these people. I have spent more time with them than with anyone else, and it's by choice. There is nobody in the world I would rather be with.
This includes my new brother and baby sister.

And this family as well.

Not to mention these folks. They are more than an extended family, they are the greatest people in the world! So fun and hilarious to be around. never a dull moment and the Greer/Harvey house! We love each other. I was practically raised by them all, especially these past years. I know I could call on them at any time, day or night, and they would be there in an instant. I LOVE THEM!
And of course, my Socorro.
And my Jaycee.
Baby girls are such a blessing in all our lives!

3- Best Friends.
I am always saying things like "I went here with my best friend Perla" and "I did this with my best friend Brindi." Lots of people ask me "how many best friends do you have?" I have one for every category of life, ok? And I love them all equally.
My best friend Whit Whit. She is my travel buddy and go to girl. She is my person, and she knows what I mean.
My best friend Kelly. We are the dynamic duo. We are each other. She was there for me when I was finding myself. I love this girl. Even if I don't see her everyday, I can still go to her for anything no matter what.
My best friend Lee. Lee, you are my one true love, you know what I mean. He is seriously that guy. We always have fun together, don't care if we are fighting or not, he always gets me.
My best friends CK and Crich. You girls made high school what it was. Best memories ever. "When you look back on times we've had, I hope you're proud. And know that through the good and through the bad it was our time to shine and nobody could hold us back. We claimed the highest star and we came so far and no we won't forget. We believed that we could touch the sky. Remember how we reached that dream together whenever you remember."
My best friend Brindi. I freaking love this girl. If it weren't for her, I don't know where I would be. She is hilarious, ridiculous, and my favorite person to be around. Best movie quoter ever.
My best friend Perla. My rock. My example. The one who always knows exactly what to say. The one who I can always count on to give me the answer I need. The one who inspires me to be better, to live better, to try a little harder and have more faith. I have more fun with this girl than pretty everyone combined. We can be sitting around jamming to Miley Cyrus and have the time of our lives. Whether it's a random road trip to Sedona or a weekend n Vegas, she always keeps the good times rolling. She is strong and faithful in every aspect of life. Such a wonderful example. Perlis, I love you, you're ma best friend.
My best friends Tal and Amberlee. Wonderful girls. HILARIOUS. I WANNA COOOOOOOL RIDER!!! Bahahhaa love you girls.
4- Sisters.
These girls count in my best friends list, but I wanted to give them their own recognition. Seriously, where would I be without them? They are the best friends a girl could have.
Kymber, I love you with my whole heart. You are the one person in my life who has been through it all with me. You know everything I have been through, and you were by my side all along. You are a wonderful girl, and such a blessing in my life. You are hilarious. You have such a way with people and those baby girls and everyone that is important to you. You are caring. You are amazing in more ways than you give yourself credit for. Every day I am thankful I have you.
Lacymae. Where would I be without you? You were with me through so many things. High school was 100% better having you there with me. How lucky am I to have had the chance to graduate with my sister? And in college, those times I needed someone most, you were there. You always tell me things exactly as they are, you have no idea how much I value your opinion and friendship. You have a pure kind of happiness that is contagious. I am so happy for you and proud of you. I hope you always know how much I love having you in my life!
I love my sisters! I am so blessed to have them in my life!!!
5- Elder Skip Holladay.
My life, my love, my everything. He is the one who inspires my heart. He pushes me to be better, stronger. I am instantly happy wherever he is involved. I am so proud of him and all he is doing. He is amazing, I am so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you love, for everything. I am who I am because of you.

6- Tyler.
Little Bro, you are amazing. I can't explain the friendship we have. There is just something about this kid that is so amazing and special. We have such a special relationship.
Tyler, I love you. You are an amazing kid, and such an example to me and to everyone! Everyone I know loves you, you are just that great. Coolest kid I know, seriously.

Ok... so that is only six for now. I have to go to work or I would continue this fun game of counting my many blessings. I know you are all torn up to not know the rest haha but have no fear, there are 24 yet to come. I'll get back to you on that.

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camilkington said...

doesn't it just make you really think of what you're thankful for? since i started this, it's only been a few days obviously, but everyday i wake up looking for what i'm most thankful for that day.. it is an awesome way to go through out the day.