Sweet old lady.

I like to make crafts. I know, I am an old lady. That's ok with me though. Call me what you want but crafting, to me, is a mom thing... and I want to be a mom. If I could wake up tomorrow and have a husband and five children, I would do it in an instant. Anyway, in order to fill my need to be motherly and domestic, I started making crafts...

This week I decided I really wanted our apartment to be more festive. The holidays are here and they are lonley and sad here at Disney because we have no families. For some reason I feel like holiday decorations and yummy cookies will help solve this sadness, in some small way.

I won't lie, I get sad and lonely. But since I love my job and am having a wonderful time, I just use my sad time to make crafts. Capice? K, glad to get you up to speed on my new found hobby.

I saw this idea on a blog I stalk the other day. It was for little pumpkin centerpieces. Here are the materials I used....

And here is the result of my lovely fall centerpiece.

So homey. Such an old lady thing. Go ahead, say it, I'm 21 going on 80. Don't worry, Peter Pan is my favorite Disneyworld ride. Sometimes I'm 21 going on 5. Am I ever 21 going on 22? Probably not. What are 22 years olds good for anyway?

On another note, I got the most amazing package from my family. It was full of all of my favorite things.

The hand warmers are from my dad. He thinks he is hilarious. Like ummmm... hi dad, it's real nice that you think its funny that I am melting while you are skiing. But it's ok, I love him for thinking about me. The El Pato is from Dodee. He was going to put in a small peice of carpet as a mean inside joke, so I am glad he picked that instead. Lime green rain boots = bomb.com. My mom sent them as a joke, little does she know I will actually wear them. BIG cheezits. My favorite baked snack cracker. And, they are BIG. Can you say YUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks fam, your package is almost as awesome as your company. Just not even close. The package though, in and of itself, was epic.

Quote of the day, "There's just a lot of mean girls out there, and that's just not nice." Shout out to my roomie Nicole who stated the quote. It is in essence, the absolute truth. You are a sweetheart. And you are right, you are a nice girl. Love you.

How I have been feeling today... confused. I over analyze everything in my life.
Too many decisions. Too many choices. Too many alternatives. I need someone to tell me that no matter what happens, everything will work out, and it's going to be ok.

Magical Moment for the day:
A little girl came through my line and was singing "A Whole New World" really loud, she was adorable.
So I made her a button the said "I'm celebrating being the best singer!" She wore it proudly. A minute later I saw my BFF Courtney. I told her she needed to hear the little girl sing because she was amazing. The little girl started to sing for her, and slowly everyone around us started stopping to listen. By the time she ended her lovely (and might I add- perfectly in pitch and on key) solo, nearly everyone in the store was watching intently (both the guests and cast members). We all clapped and cheered for her. I looked at her mother, and tears were streaming down her face looking at her perfect little angel singer performing for all of us there at Disneyworld. She was wonderful, it truely was a magic moment.

Thought for the day:
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. This is true for both the people you love and the people you are in love with. Never take advantage of the people in your life. Love them. Don't use them as a means to an end, use them as an end in themselves.

Love, peace, and chicken grease.