The tip of the sword...

Every year for work we have a thing called a Fire Readiness Review. It is pretty stressful and crazy because we not only have to have the engines and everything in tip top shape, but we also have to know EVERYTHING we possibly can about fighting fire. All the forest authorities come and ask all kinds of questions and have us do a walk over of our truck. It is just not a fun time! So, once we finished it this season, we decided to have a fun camp out with all the engines! We camped over night near Forest Lakes. Enrique cooked us some AMAZING food. We just ate, played guitar, played pine cone baseball, and relaxed. It was a blast!

The second day we did all kinds of stations where we learned more about line digging, pumping water, sharpening tools, and deploying fire shelters. I learned so much and had so much fun! I love all the men and ladies from Black Mesa Ranger District. Sometimes I love it so much I forget it's my job!

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