The Hardy Har Hut!

Kelly is my best friend!!! Freshman year we had some good times :) Times I wouldn't trade for the world!!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend Kelly and her new hubby Spencer! They were married last month, it was a beautiful occasion. Kelly and I have been through sooooo much. We went on random road trips, went through Nsync relapses, rode the Big Shot... We did it all! I have missed her being in my every day life since she left NAU, but that didn't hold us back. I may not have seen her every day but I still feel like she is one I could go to for anything at any time. She has always been there and I couldn't have asked to meet a better girl that night at institute. One silly get to know you game started a life long friendship that I am forever grateful for. Kelly, I love the woman you are and will become. You have always been an example to me, and a strength. Thank you for always being there for anything I needed. Never stop loving the Jobros! Know I am here no matter what! And Spence, welcome to our life! Haha I can't wait to go on couple dates and be married friends...someday :) Haha. Oh Kel, how I LOVE YOU! Girlfriend, you are the best!!! I love you both!!

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