Remember, you can catch a lot of flies with honey..

..but you can catch more honies being fly. 

I know I already posted that on facebook, but seriously it never gets old. 
Hiiiiiiii friends! I know you miss reading my rantings. No worries, I haven't stopped watching Fantasy Factory and being inspired to write because of it, I have just been lazy. All is well. 

A few things before I get to the point I am trying to make.
1. Seriously the Hunger Games trailer, am I right?! I'm freaking out.
2. The Cards won today, the Wolves won yesterday, the Heat are back on. The sports fan inside of me is tickled to death. 
3. I bought a new stereo for my car. Ballin. Finally out of 2005 with my FM transmitter and caught up on the times of actually being able to use my iphone for what it's made for (besides making me the happiest girl to ever have an iphone).
4. If you aren't watching New Girl faithfully at this point, you're no friend of mine.
5. Everyone pray for snow.
6. Freaking Christmas right now. Best.time.of.year. There is a song they always played when I worked at Disney that said, "IT'S THE GREATEST TIME OF YEAR, AND IT'S HERE, COME AND CELEBRATE IT!" That's how I feel about Christmas right now. Let the watching of Elf & the Grinch on the daily commence.

So the other day I was watching Jay Leno (as I often do when I am hanging out with my mother (he's no Jimmy Fallon but he makes me giggle)) . Two of the guests on the show were an old man and his son. They told a story of how the father had gotten in an accident a while back. He flipped his car in to some swamp (or something? I wasn't paying close attention, the details are really irrelevant to the point) and disappeared for about a week. He was injured and starving, he had resorted to eating ants and spiders by the time they found him. The family had put together a search party and found him themselves. It was a really special story and they were both very emotional. The point, though, that was the real kicker, was when Jay asked the man what he learned from the event. 

His response:

"I learned to not wait for a holiday to have dinner and spend time with my family."

That hit me like a punch in the face. Think about it..

How often do we get so caught up in our lives, our jobs, whatever we think is important in this life, that we don't take the time necessary to connect with our families? How many people only visit home when Easter, the 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas come around? Don't get me wrong, those holidays are important and nothing compares to that family time. However, I know we all have things we can cut out of our schedules that are less important than a Sunday dinner with those closest to us. It always seems to take some outside force to encourage most people to spend time with their loved ones. Holidays, tragedies, weddings, etc. Why not just visit for the pure joy of seeing family? Nothing is more important in this life. 

Walt Disney once said, "A man should never neglect his family for business." I agree, but I would like to rephrase it to, "Nobody should neglect their family for any reason." Family is one of the few things we take with us after we are done here. It's one of the only relationships that will stand by our side our whole life. I think we all can agree on it's importance, but do we back this belief with our actions? Does it take a holiday to bring us together, or do we make a constant effort to spend time with those who mean the most? 

I just wanted to share the incredible insight that man had. What a way to look at the horrible situation he was in. I guarantee he'll never take that time for granted again, and I hope I don't either. 

I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving and was able to see some family. Any time with them is good times. I know that's true for me. My family is a bunch of ballers. I love every one of those kids. This week has been bliss with them.
I didn't draw that, but it seemed to say it all.

Peace up, A-town down.  

Ps. Look at this picture I found while googling the word "family"
You- laugh at my picture. 

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