Ten pointless things that I just want to tell someone:
10. I hate the song Silent Night.
9. My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night.
8. I cried when Dobby died (twice).
7. Ron Weasley is my boyfriend in my mind.
6. The Jim Carrey version of the Grinch is possibly my favorite movie.
5. I haven't been kissed in two years on the 28th of this month. Some consider this an accomplishment, some consider it pathetic. It is what it is I guess. 
4. Sometimes, when I am feeling lazy, I say "go go gadget arm" hoping it will work so I don't have to get up (it never does).
3. I hate when people use facebook as a journal; if you do this, we do not need play by play of your life peeps (no offense.. I guess if this makes you happy, or you really do count it as a journal, eat your heart out, I will just delete you from my news feed. Jk. But seriously).
2. Since when did spandex and/or leggings become acceptable as pants? They are not pants people, they are intended to be worn in addition to, not instead of, the typical clothing used to cover your lower extremities. 
1. There was a girl at the movies wearing a spaghetti strap shirt and uggs. I don't want to judge the girl, I am sure she was nice.. but girl, you just have to choose one or the other. Is it hot or is it cold? We all know it's not both. 

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