I have a love/hate relationship with life changing decisions.

Well folks.. I graduate from college in just over three weeks. Woah. I may be slightly wiggin' out. I know I write about this alot, but it's a huge time in my life, like, "don't make the wrong decision because it effects the entire rest of your life." Yeah, they make it all seem so simple. N.O.T.

Kymber and I had decided to move to the valley together. I am sure you are thinking, "you can go anywhere in the world, why the valley?" Two reasons:
1. I lived in two amazing cities before now (Viterbo and Orlando). Both were fun, new, adventerous. Both offered me so much, yet offered me so little. I loved experiencing them, but I hated being so far from home. It is nice to get out and explore the world and see what I can become, but why do it all alone? If I were to move in with my sister, I could do all these things while spending time I will never get back with someone I love dearly. Sadly, we won't both be single forever (or maybe we will, but you get my point), so why not spend this time with her? Phoenix is a city just like Seattle, New York, London, Boston, all the places I would love to go. But Phoenix has Kymber, and it close to home. So Phoenix it is.
2. See #1, that was pretty much it.

Last weekend, though, I went to the valley for a concert (mayday parade = amazing). I went half insane just trying to get to the venue. The traffic was making me crazy. I began to realize I have never even liked the valley. I always told myself I would never just "move to the valley". Bor. ing. (No offense to people who live there, it just isn't my forte). 
Then, yesterday it snowed. Hello, snow. I nearly cried real tears of joy. I love snow. Also, Saturday night we drove 20 minutes and were in the middle of nowhere making smores over a fire. I was so happy! I love the woods. I love the middle of nowhere. I love the trees and the mountains. Phoenix = none of that. Blech.

I talked to Kymber about changing our plans.
"Why not live in Flag, Kymber?"
"Sure, but where will you work?"

Oh. Work. That's what people do after college. Forgot that part. Find a job, in this town? But where? So now, here I am, deciding between my happiness and my career. I mean, I am sure life will be perfectly adequate in the valley, but who ever wanted to describe their life as "perfectly adequate"? At the same time, I can stay in Flag and be blissfully happy about my surroundings, while maintaining a perfectly adequate job. But who goes to college for four years only to find a job that is "perfectly adequate"?

There is so much potential for the career I want in the valley, yet so much potenital for the small town lifestyle I crave in Flagstaff. How do I choose?! I know, prayer and fasting. I am doing those things.. but my sister needs an answer. She has to register for school soon. So I am trying to put somewhat of a rush on this life changing decision. Let's hope my answer is what it best! Darn you life for being so simple, yet so complicated.


kimberlytenney said...

I am a lot like you in the sense that i HATE the traffic and the heat KILLS me in the summer. but trust me its not that bad. You get used to the weather and traffic you only have to deal with sometimes. Plus, we would get to hang out if you moved down here. how much fun would we have? I would lalalove that. But I just want you to be happy. So good luck and know I love your guts!

JT said...

My 2 cents is thus. "Are" thus? I don't know. Here are my thoughts: I, a city boy, (a boy nonetheless,) have found much happiness in avoiding Phoenix while living there... Hmmmm... don't worry, I'm confused too. To clarify, finding Flagstaff IN phoenix is the adventure. ANNNNDDD... it helps you appeciate what you know is just a two hour drive north that can help motivate you to get to the weekend or next vacation. I mean where else but in traffic jams can you find opportunities to wave to someone you know is righteously P O'd who could use a cheering up smile/wave. I would always air guitar/drum to my music to make people laugh... (and impress the ladies.) And plus, there's nothing like scaring the crap out of yourself because you're checking out the hottie next to you when the traffic suddenly stops in your lane. GREAT times. (Driving to ASU for 5 years had provided a LOT of time in traffic for me living in North P-town. A LOT.)

How about carrying a swimsuit in your car EVERYWHERE you go because it's ALWAYS an option... Phoenix.

Wakeboarding in not freezing water 20 minutes from anywhere... Phoenix.

Summer nights of longboarding/skateboarding/scootering/going fast on something down hills in Scottsdale.... Phoenix

Singles wards out the butt.... Phoenix. (More like Mesa but Mesa boys are like Utah boys... D lords.)

Shopping.... Phoenix

So many fun dating ideas and a mega social life....Phoenix

I'm so biased it's getting ridiculous. I'm cutting it short. I apologize. Just remember this is coming from someone who would give anything to not be in Korea at the moment. I'll take Phoenix weather/traffic/food over what I'm "enjoying" here.

My intentions of writing his was to simply give a perspective to help you in decision making. I HATE decisions and wish everyone threw their thoughts or ideas at me. (That way I can blame them when it backfires and blows up in my face. hehehe.)

High five Misty.